Web applications

Building and deploying web apps should be as easy as using them. Red Hat® delivers Linux®, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), Java™, and other web development frameworks that make it easy to build and deploy high-performance, robust, scalable web applications.

You need an infrastructure that unleashes the ingenuity of your development team, with robust virtualization, high availability, multiple deployment options, and an on ramp to the cloud. More than bells and whistles, you need an infrastructure that scales and integrates readily, keeps you and your customers secure, and is always ready for your next big ideas.


Preparation for new opportunities

Do you have the flexibility to quickly integrate new technologies? Are you being held hostage by proprietary solutions?

Faster web application deployment

Can you deploy into the same environment that you develop in? Does your application configuration and tuning apply consistently in all deployment environments?

Serving the 24x7 world

Is your deployment environment as robust as you would like? Do you have the tools you need to meet all of your security and compliance challenges?

Joining industry leaders

Achieve the same advantages that other industry leaders enjoy:

"Red Hat and JBoss, as a division of Red Hat, have proven themselves to have enterprise-level tools that, when used well, help us attain what all companies want—great availability, great scale, and at a reduced cost when compared to proprietary solutions." - Ron Rose, CIO, Priceline.com

Getting ready for the cloud

Is your cloud strategy in place? Will your applications deploy to the cloud as easily as they deploy to bare-metal servers today?

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Building enterprise web applications

Red Hat delivers a complete infrastructure designed around open standards that's designed for developing and managing web applications—and keeping your choices open.

The Red Hat stack includes the most popular web frameworks and tools, leveraging the flexibility, open standards, and robustness of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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JBoss Enterprise Middleware

With a comprehensive suite of application platforms and services, JBoss® Enterprise Middleware simplifies and speeds your Java development and deployment.

From the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform presentation layer, to a complete business rules service and service-oriented architecture (SOA) support, to the JBoss Hibernate® object-relational mapping persistence layer, JBoss Enterprise Middleware delivers class-leading solutions.

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Application management tools

Red Hat systems management tools make it easy to deploy, monitor, and manage your enterprise applications. Automated solutions let you manage many systems as easily as one. Use the management systems that were developed specifically for applications built with Red Hat technologies.

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Cloud solutions

Some of the biggest and most successful public clouds were built with Red Hat cloud computing technology. Consider cloud opportunities when you develop your applications and be ready to scale to world-class size.

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