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Cloud Access for Red Hat MRG Grid

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid provides workload management to enterprise, government and academic data centers for higher peak computing capacity and higher IT utilization, leveraging existing infrastructure to build high performance grids.

In addition, Red Hat now offers you deployment of Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid in the cloud, providing identical benefits as those of on-premise workload management.

Red Hat Enterprise Cloud Access program enables MRG Grid customers to migrate current or new MRG Grid subscriptions for use at select Red Hat Certified Cloud Providers. This added benefit enables you to leverage the power of public clouds to meet increased demand, improve response times, or simply as a backup.

To be eligible for Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid Cloud Access, a customer must:

  • Move unused subscriptions only and inform Red Hat of the number of subscriptions that are to be used in the cloud. Once subscriptions are moved to the cloud, they must remain there for a minimum of six months.
  • Agree to Red Hat Cloud Access subscription terms and conditions of use.
  • Agree to Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid subscription terms.

NOTE: Customers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings supported by third parties or hardware OEM offerings are not eligible for use in the cloud. Red Hat Academic Program customers and desktop or client offerings are not eligible, but you may purchase Red Hat products on demand directly from one of Red Hat's Certified Public Cloud Providers.

The following rules are applicable for Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid Cloud Access:

  • One Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid subscription can be used to run one concurrent instance in the cloud, regardless of Amazon virtual instance size (small, large, extra-large, etc.)
  • Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid on Amazon EC2 is only available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances.
  • Your account number from a cloud provider can be associated with only one Red Hat account. Multiple cloud provider account numbers may be associated with a single Red Hat account.
  • Access to cloud instances are valid only while currently subscribed to Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid subscriptions.
  • Base images and updates:

    • Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Providers are required to provide you with Red Hat product images that are certified and supported by Red Hat. They include any critical errata or updates so that you always have the most current Red Hat product images.

It's easy to start using your Red Hat products on a Red Hat Certified Public Cloud. You will need:

  • Your Red Hat account number
  • Your cloud provider account number. If you don't remember your provider account number, or need to sign up for a new one, please contact the provider directly.

Step 1: Check your eligibility
Review and confirm you meet the eligibility requirements of Cloud Access.

Step 2: Enroll
When you click the Enroll Now button above you will be prompted to log into your Red Hat Account where you can register for Red Hat Cloud Access for a Red Hat product(s) on one of Red Hat's Certified Public Cloud Providers.