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Cloud Access for Red Hat Storage Server

Red Hat® Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud gives you the freedom to deploy scale-out NAS storage where you need it. Unique in the industry, Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud integrates Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, GlusterFS file management, and the extensible file system XFS® in an easy-to-deploy package for installation on commodity hardware on-premise and for installation within AWS via an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

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  • SKUs are available for 4-, 8- and 16-node configurations only. Half of your total subscriptions are eligible to be deployed to the cloud.
  • No movement of subscriptions is allowed from the cloud to on-premise. The subscriptions must be used on the cloud for the length of the subscription.

  • Your account number from a cloud provider can be associated with only one Red Hat account. Multiple cloud provider account numbers may be associated with a single Red Hat account.
  • Access to cloud instances are valid only while currently subscribed to Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud Standard or Premium subscriptions.
  • One Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud instance maps to one large or extra-large virtual core size in the cloud.
  • Customer may not simultaneously run a single Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud instance in two locations (e.g. on-premise or in the cloud); customer must not exceed the total number of instances under subscription.
  • Access to cloud instances are valid only with active, current Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud subscriptions.
    • Base images and updates:
    • Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Providers are required to provide you with Red Hat product images that are certified and supported by Red Hat. They include any critical errata or updates so that you always have the most current Red Hat product images.
    • Red Hat only supports base images and packages provided within the cloud, whether contained in the base images or cloud update service.

It's easy to start using your Red Hat products on a Red Hat Certified Public Cloud. You will need:

  • Your Red Hat account number
  • Your cloud provider account number. If you don't remember your provider account number, or need to sign up for a new one, please contact the provider directly.

Step 1: Check your eligibility
Review and confirm you meet the eligibility requirements of Cloud Access.

Step 2: Enroll
When you click the Enroll Now button above you will be prompted to log into your Red Hat Account where you can register for Red Hat Cloud Access for a Red Hat product(s) on one of Red Hat's Certified Public Cloud Providers.