Media and entertainment

Spectacular 3-D animation. High-tech special effects. Media and entertainment companies, like animation studios and publishers, push technology to the cutting edge. So software performance is paramount. Red Hat® open source solutions can help your shop drive innovation faster and more affordably.


Economic conditions are tough. Like most, you're probably being asked to drastically cut costs. So how do you balance capital investment spend and operating expenses while choosing the right platforms and technologies? Red Hat can help.

Innovate faster

In an industry where innovation is key, animation studios work to adopt new technologies faster than competitors. Red Hat open source solutions can help you drive innovation and push your technology to the cutting edge.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation

Designed for advanced Linux® users, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation is a stable, extensible, fully supported open source operating system for desktop and laptop workstations in a studio IT environment.

It includes the full set of standard productivity applications for a general IT workplace, plus an extended software stack. In addition to providing the tools in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop, the Workstation variant supports a standalone development environment.

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Red Hat Enterprise MRG

This next-generation IT infrastructure incorporates messaging, realtime, and grid functionality:

  • MRG Messaging provides a powerful platform for building event and notification services for complex pipelines. Distribute media reliably—and 100 times faster than the alternatives.

  • MRG Realtime provides deterministic performance and other capabilities, like high-resolution timers for time-sensitive workloads (audio sync and more).

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The value of open source

Thanks to Red Hat's customer-driven, community-supported development model, our solutions cost less and perform better than their incumbent rivals. The technology is open. No secrets, no surprises, no lock-in. Red Hat simply shares the cost-effective, rapid innovation of open source with our customers.

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