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Building PaaS series

PaaS your way with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

Do you know the top 5 considerations for PaaS?

5 must-haves for enterprise PaaS

Technical best practices for building a PaaS

Cloud management series

5 critial capabilities for your cloud infrastructure

Strong virtual infrastructure management: A prerequisite for an IaaS cloud

Ensure your cloud doesn't create complexity

Building an open cloud series

Part 1: CIO to CIO: Building an open cloud

Red Hat's CIO discusses key considerations for and benefits of building an enterprise cloud with an open and hybrid architecture.

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Part 2: Implementing an open cloud architecture

This webinar, in the "Building an open cloud" webinar series, features Red Hat Cloud Evangelist Gordon Haff taking you through the defining characteristics of an open cloud and exploring how to implement a fully open cloud.

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Part 3: Open cloud architecture best practices

If you want to unlock the full benefits of cloud economics and gain agility across your entire infrastructure, the only path is through implementing an open cloud architecture. In this webinar, learn how customers and Red Hat's internal IT organization used best practices to implement an open cloud infrastructure.

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Building clouds series

Part 1: PaaS your way with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

Platform-as-a-Service provides tremendous agility and flexibility for application developers. But most PaaS vendors provide 1-size-fits-all PaaS solutions that don't always fit the needs of enterprise customers.

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Cloud computing: Evolution not revolution

Cloud computing: Evolution not revolution

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Into the private cloud: What are the benefits?

Into the Private Cloud: What Are the Benefits? An eSeminar by Red Hat and Ziff Davis.

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Private IaaS cloud video case study (from CloudCon)

Watch this private IaaS cloud video case study, a 10-minute CloudCon video featuring Gordon Haff.

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Reap cloud rewards without the risk (from CloudCon)

Reap cloud rewards without the risk, a CloudCon presentation by Gordon Haff.

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OpenShift Datasheet

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

Exploit the agility and efficiency of the cloud while addressing your enterprise's real-world governance and operational requirements. With Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Solution, you can do both.


Red Hat CloudForms: Cloud and virtualization operations management

This complete framework for open hybrid cloud management lets your enterprise bring public cloud characteristics to its own datacenters. So IT becomes more agile, responsive, and strategic to the organization while improving services delivered at lower costs.


Advanced management support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Add centralized management to your Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization deployment with Red Hat CloudForms. CloudForms lets organizations extend existing virtual infrastructures into highly scalable enterprise clouds.


Red Hat Open IaaS Architecture Service

Open hybrid clouds are meant to reduce IT complexity and reliance on a single vendor while increasing IT agility and innovation. Make sure you get the right start building and operating your cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with the Red Hat Open IaaS Architecture Service.


Virtualization Datasheets


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 features guide

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization datasheet

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 competitive features guide

Performance and scalability

Oracle performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

AMQP messaging performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Java performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Microsoft Exchange performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

IBM DB2 performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

LAMP performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Microsoft IIS performance on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization


KVM Security whitepaper


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Competitive pricing guide

Consulting and training

Consulting: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart

Training: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318)

Open Hybrid Cloud Overview

Why the future of the cloud is open

Done right, a cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from simply maintaining the status quo to true innovation. But only an open cloud delivers on the full strategic business value and promise of cloud computing. Download the whitepaper to learn more.


Executive overview: Maximize strategic flexibility by building an open, hybrid cloud

Executive overview: You can realize the full strategic value promised by cloud computing only when your enterprise cloud is built with open and hybrid in mind. An open hybrid cloud isn't a nice-to-have for IT organizations, it's a must-have. Learn why.


Maximize strategic flexibility by building an open, hybrid cloud

Done right, cloud delivers strategic advantages by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. Only an open, hybrid cloud delivers full strategic business value from cloud computing. Learn why.


Extending IT governance from private to hybrid clouds through consistency and portability

Enterprise IT doesn't have to stop the internal adoption of public clouds. Public and hybrid clouds can be a useful complement to in-house IT, reducing costs without being risky. In this whitepaper, learn key considerations for a comprehensive governance plan for your hybrid cloud adoption.


ITPI: Key factors for building a successful enterprise cloud

Key factors for successfully building and deploying enterprise clouds using the experience of more than 140 companies who have deployed cloud solutions. Learn how to apply best practices to your own enterprise cloud strategy and why an open hybrid cloud strategy is essential to a successful enterprise cloud deployment.


The Road to Enterprise PaaS

Cloud Overview

Cloud 101

A comprehensive overview of cloud computing.


Cloud Computing: The Need for Portability and Interoperability

This report ultimately supports Red Hat's position that open, portable, interoperable clouds provide the most strategic flexibility for organizations building cloud solutions.


Cloud: Infrastructure matters

New IT technologies and abstractions, like cloud computing, layer on top of existing ones. This might make the foundational layers less visible, but they remain just as important (or even more so).


IDC: Age of Cloud will be Hybrid

Cloud has firmly established itself within the enterprise IT architecture, and all organizations need to have a strategy to take advantage of what it has to offer. Download this whitepaper to learn more.


Beyond virtualization to cloud

Cloud isn't virtualization. It's more dynamic. It's hybrid. But, most fundamentally, it's a different mindset. Find out how to build cloud deployments using a lightweight process based on research from the IT Process Institute.


Transforming IT with an open hybrid cloud

The only way for IT to successfully change from a maintainer of servers to a broker of services is through an open and hybrid approach. Learn how.


An open hybrid cloud architecture

By choosing an open, next-generation IT architecture, IT teams can easily adopt future innovations and accurately predict future costs and plan investments.


Red Hat Cloudforms

Enterprise-grade management for OpenStack

To deploy and manage Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform you need the right balance between user control and user autonomy. Red Hat CloudForms provides essential enterprise-level management and automation capabilities not available in OpenStack. In this technical detail, we describe how CloudForms offers you a unified management framework with advanced life cycle management capabilities across infrastructure platforms, such as OpenStack, VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, and Amazon.


Enterprise-grade management for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Do you want to use public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to flexibly extend your datacenter capacity, as and when needed? In this technical detail, we describe how Red Hat® CloudForms offers you a unified management framework with advanced life cycle management capabilities across infrastructure platforms, such as OpenStack®, VMware, Red Hat, and Amazon.


Cloud resource management the right way

Find out how Red Hat CloudForms gives IT administrators and managers a comprehensive solution to optimize their virtual and private and hybrid cloud infrastructures with advanced capacity planning and sophisticated resource management capabilities.


The agility gap in today's private clouds

Is your private cloud truly agile and helping your users overcome their business challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible? Read this whitepaper to find out.


Managing Private Clouds

Implementing a private cloud presents significant challenges to enterprise IT processes and staff already faced with the increased complexity and management issues of virtualization. Find out how Red Hat CloudForms can help manage your private cloud effectively and efficiently.


Managing enterprise virtual infrastructures

Many existing IT management tools were never designed for virtual environments. Find out how Red Hat CloudForms can manage virtual infrastructures and the unique challenges they present.


Enabling self-service to increase business agility

Businesses are demanding increased agility and self-service from their IT organizations. Find out how Red Hat CloudForms enables IT organizations to offer their users the ability to self-manage systems and services needed for their particular business needs.


Forrester: Cloud Management in a Hybrid Cloud World

In this August 2013 Forrester Research, Inc., report, find out:

  • How the infrastructure and operations (I&O) role changes in a hybrid cloud world.
  • How I&O pros need to accelerate the cloud application delivery life cycle to exceed business expectations of cloud.
  • Which cloud management capabilities I&O must master to take on the role of hybrid cloud manager.


Reference Architectures

OpenShift Enterprise V1.1: Monitoring the PaaS Infrastructure

This reference architecture demonstrates how to monitor a OpenShift Enterprise infrastructure by showing a detailed walk through using the Zabbix monitoring software and a few examples of what needs to be set up and monitored. In addition to the specific examples shown using Zabbix, general items are shown so that they can be applied and monitored from any monitoring software.


Deploying and managing a private PaaS with OpenShift Enterprise

This reference architecture shows how to deploy OpenShift Enterprise in a distributed fashion, separating domain name services, ActiveMQ, and MongoDB from the OpenShift Enterprise broker host. The reference architecture is broken up into 3 parts:

  • The product and reference architecture environment overview
  • Deploying OpenShift Enterprise in a distributed fashion
  • A few operations and management activities


Deploying a Highly Available OpenShift Enterprise 1.2 Environment–Using RHEV 3.2 and RHS 2.1

This reference architecture demonstrates deploying OpenShift Enterprise 1.2 platform in a highly available state using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 and Red Hat Storage Server 2.1. Red Hat Storage Server is used as the backend storage to contain the virtual machine disk files and is configured to replicate the stored data across multiple storage nodes. The OpenShift Enterprise platform Node hosts running the user applications or gears are virtual machines. The configuration and application data is written to a shared virtual disk that can be migrated between two virtual machines in a node host role in the case of node host failure.



Why should your cloud be designed with open and hybrid in mind? (Analyst newsletter)

Featuring Gartner perspectives, this newsletter investigates strategies for evolving your current enterprise architecture to the cloud, including critical considerations for IT executives challenged with delivering:

  • A more agile infrastructure that is more responsive and strategic to the organization.
  • Public cloud-like capabilities with on-premise resources and enterprise governance.
  • Better services at a lower cost to users.

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Red Hat Cloud readiness self-assessment tool

Online and mobile Red Hat cloud-readiness self-assessment tool provide your clearest path to an open and hybrid enterprise cloud. Answer technical and business questions to assess next steps for open and hybrid cloud preparedness.

Learn more


Hybrid IaaS

Is your IT department spending too much time on maintenance and not enough time on high value-add tasks? If so, Red Hat Hybrid IaaS Solution is the cloud computing solution for you. Simple to deploy, buy, and control. And with no lock-in, you have the flexibility to do what's best for your enterprise. View the infographic to learn more.


Enterprise PaaS

Benefit from the agility and efficiency of the cloud while addressing your enterprise's real-world governance and operational requirements. With OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat, you can do both. View the infographic to learn more.


Public cloud

Most enterprises need a hybrid cloud strategy. Discover how Red Hat's certified public cloud program allows you to develop a solution that is secure, scalable, and flexible. View the infographic to learn more.


Open cloud vs. closed cloud

See how an open cloud benefits enterprises more than a closed cloud in the areas of flexibility, portability, choice, and efficiency. View the infographic to learn more.


Demos & Videos

Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Watch now

"What is an Open Cloud?" with Gary Chen of IDC

What does an open cloud really mean? IDC's Gary Chen explains the characteristics of an open cloud and the benefits open clouds can bring to the enterprise.

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Assess and Plan Clouds (Bryan Che)

Bryan Che explains how to assess and plan for the cloud.

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Investigating Clouds (Margaret Rimmler)

If you're an IT decision maker, make sure open hybrid clouds are part of your cloud strategy. Red Hat's Margaret Rimmler discusses the importance of building an open hybrid cloud for your enterprise to enable portability of applications, use existing IT infrastructures, and make sure you aren't locked in. See how Red Hat can help you build a better cloud.

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Red Hat IT builds an open and hybrid cloud

What's your cloud strategy? Learn how Red Hat's internal IT organization built its own open hybrid cloud, then start building a better cloud for your enterprise today.

Watch now testimonial

Get the firsthand account from Parker Harris, executive vice president, Technology, at, on why the company chose Red Hat solutions for their cloud.

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Start building clouds (Chris Wells)

Your IT infrastructure is composed of pieces from many different hardware and software vendors. Red Hat lets you use and build these diverse assets into a cloud, enabling cloud to be an evolution, not a revolution. Watch this video and learn key considerations for building a better cloud with Red Hat.

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Red Hat CloudForms: The benefits of an open cloud

You can't have cloud computing without openness. Find out how open standards, open APIs, and open source software are changing enterprise computing - and how Red Hat can help your enterprise build a better cloud.

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Red Hat CloudForms: Overview

Learn how Red Hat CloudForms lets your organization rapidly transform its existing virtual infrastructure into a highly scalable private or hybrid infrastructure.

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat CloudForms

Watch this video to learn how you can achieve complete visibility and control in your virtualized environment, while leveraging your existing enterprise virtual platforms and transforming them into private cloud models.

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Watch this video to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization—brought to you by the people behind Red Hat Enterprise Linux—takes you beyond traditional virtualization, to an open and agile foundation for building cloud infrastructures.

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Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

Watch this video to learn how Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables you to move your organization from traditional to cloud-enabled workload models and transition IT into a value added service; on your terms, on your timelines, as your applications require, and consistent with your IT policies and procedures.

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Red Hat CloudForms: Gain and remain in control of your cloud and virtual infrastructure

Find out how Red Hat CloudForms provides real-time, policy-based management capabilities to help ensure high security, reliability, and availability while adhering to IT standards. CloudForms provides the flexibility you want, with the control you need.

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Red Hat CloudForms: Automatic provisioning

This video provides a demo of how Red Hat CloudForms uses web-based service catalog access and role-delegated automated capabilities to simplify service delivery for your business.

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Red Hat CloudForms: Auto-discovery and configuration management

Find out how Red Hat CloudForms gives you global infrastructure views into system properties, relationships, security, and configuration information at the click of a button. Quickly analyze child parent drift and access critical out-of-the-box reports to ensure control of your cloud and distributed virtual datacenters.

Watch now

Easily manage your Vmware infrastructure and grow to a private cloud

In this product demo, explore how Red Hat CloudForms can easily and efficiently manage, automate, and optimize your existing VMware infrastructure and provide a path to a private cloud that utilizes multiple virtual infrastructures from different vendors.

Watch now

Red Hat CloudForms: Operation efficiency and resource management

Find out how Red Hat CloudForms can analyze your virtual and cloud infrastructure for performance issues and improve resolution times. CloudForms provide right-size recommendations at three different levels, allowing you choice in maximizing performance and resource efficiency.

Watch now




As critical as selecting a cloud architecture is for IT leaders, cloud has become an often misunderstood buzzword. Fortunately, several Red Hat experts demystify cloud by blogging about the work they're doing. Their personal blogs focus on cloud standards, business issues, trends, building strategies, and best practices. We've curated the highlights here for your convenience. Join in the conversation today.

Bryan Che — Tech, The Universe, and Everything

This blog explores the top tenets, ideas and issues in technology from one of the most influential people in cloud computing, Bryan Che.

Read the blog

Matt Hicks — Intersection of IT and Cloud

This blog explores the evolving market of the cloud, grounded in Matt's experiences building the OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service entirely in the public cloud.

Read the blog

Thomas Cameron — Open Source Musings

Musings on open source from Red Hat's chief architect, Thomas Cameron.

Read the blog

Richard Morrell — The Cloud Evangelist

The blog of Richard Morrell, who by day works as a cloud evangelist at Red Hat and who is tasked with reaching out to cloud users worldwide to lead discussions around all aspects of cloud computing.

Read the blog

Vinny Valdez — Implementing Cloud

Vinny discusses all things Red Hat and cloud-related as seen from a consulting perspective. He works for Red Hat Consulting and helps customers and partners implement and streamline their enterprises using Red Hat products. Join him in the Tech Garage to discuss IT consolidation, virtualization and cloud architecture.

Read the blog

Mike Ferris — Business of Cloud

Mike's blog explores the intersection of business, operations, and technology in the evolution of information technology models. It may pose more questions than answers, but we have to start somewhere.

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Chuck Dubuque — Open Virtualization

Chuck is senior product marketing manager for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and discusses many elements of cloud technology and virtualization.

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James Labocki — All Things Open

Having fun with open source.

Read the blog