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Become a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider

Why become a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider?

Customers moving to the cloud demand a secure, enterprise-class infrastructure, consistency, and application portability. As a trusted Red Hat® Certified Cloud Provider, you can meet these needs, providing enterprise-quality, cloud-scaled services and offerings. Red Hat helps grow your business with products that your customers already know. And they're backed by a complete Red Hat infrastructure that's highly secure, scalable, and flexible—letting you respond quickly to your customers' needs.

Everything you need for the cloud

It's easy. We assemble everything you need to plan, build, and manage a cloud. By participating in the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program, you benefit from:

  • Access to Red Hat software and solutions in our comprehensive portfolio—all designed, tuned, and tested specifically for multitenancy—to build your cloud infrastructure.
  • Flexible models to support everything from single-tenant physical hosting to multitenant hosted virtual clouds, with multiple datacenter locations. Whether you're a hosting provider serving local markets or an international cloud provider, this program supplies technology and offerings to meet your customers' needs.
  • Detailed reference architectures and implementation guides.
  • Expert services and consultants to help you plan, build, and manage your public cloud.
  • Training classes for knowledge transfer and staff development.
  • Joint marketing and selling resources to increase your business.

Get started today

Red Hat's Certified Cloud Provider program is expanding globally. Start reselling Red Hat Enterprise Linux® by the hour, on demand, on a Red Hat-certified virtualization infrastructure. Select and qualified providers can offer Cloud Access, bringing Red Hat product subscriptions to the cloud through an innovative licensing model and driving easy adoption for enterprise Red Hat customers.