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Sessions: Jboss Developer Studio

Best Of JBoss World

Over the years, several session speakers have emerged as event celebrities and several subjects have emerged as must-see attractions, garnering standing-room-only crowds. This track serves as a home to their sessions.

Expert Forum - JBoss World


Ashesh Badani — Senior Director, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat


Mark Little — Senior Director Engineering, Middleware, Red Hat
Rich Sharples — Director of Middleware, Product Management, Red Hat
Bob McWhirter — Consulting Software Engineer, Red Hat
Dan Allen — Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Mark Proctor — Drools Project Lead and Founder, Red Hat
Burr Sutter — Product Management, Red Hat
Jason Greene — Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Join this Q&A panel, hosted by Ashesh Badani, senior director, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, to help you make decisions on the technologies and standards driving your next-generation JBoss Community projects and JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. Questions for our all-star panel will be driven by the audience (using a walk-up mic), along with attendee questions that were asked throughout the week via Twitter (#jbforum) and a question drop-box located on the Harbor Level.

Topics: Cloud, Java Development, JBoss Community Projects, JBoss Developer Studio, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform, JBoss Enterprise Data Services, JBoss Enterprise Frameworks, JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat Cloud

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
Best Of JBoss World Friday, May 6 11:00 am - 12:00 pm 3.0 / 5.0

Decoding the Code: JBoss World

Interested in optimizing your open source investment? Learn how to implement security policies, increase performance and scalability, meet service level agreements, and more effectively manage your deployments.

How to be Effective with JBoss Developer Studio

Max Rydahl Andersen — Developer, Red Hat

How do you use JBoss Developer Studio effectively while developing applications based on JBoss technology? In this session, Max Rydahl Andersen will cover how you can use pure Eclipse to build multi-module projects, and also how you can make it fit into a Maven world.

Max will also show attendees how to use some of the unique features of JBoss Developer Studio to reduce stresses when using JPA/Hibernate, CDI/Weld, and Web Services/RestEasy. And Max will explain how you can deploy applications quickly and efficiently into local, remote hosts and even into the cloud.

Topics: Cloud, Java Development, JBoss Developer Studio

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
Decoding the Code: JBoss World Wednesday, May 4 10:20 am - 11:20 am 3.0 / 5.0

What's New: JBoss World

Linux in the enterprise is rapidly evolving. Learn about the latest in open source virtualization, middleware, infrastructure, security, desktop technology, messaging, storage, and more.

The JBoss Developer BoF

Burr Sutter — Product Management, Red Hat

In this session, several of the key JBoss project leads will provide future direction of many of the developer-facing technologies and strategies. This session will also provide an open forum for feedback from attendees.

The following JBoss technologies will be discussed:

  • JBoss Developer Studio
  • JBoss Seam Framework
  • RichFaces
  • Arquillian
  • Forge
  • TorqueBox
  • Hibernate

Topics: JBoss Developer Studio, JBoss Enterprise Frameworks

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
What's New: JBoss World Wednesday, May 4 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm 5.0 / 5.0