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Sessions: Jboss Enterprise Web Platform

Decoding the Code: JBoss World

Interested in optimizing your open source investment? Learn how to implement security policies, increase performance and scalability, meet service level agreements, and more effectively manage your deployments.

Getting to the Future of JavaSever Faces With RichFaces 4.0

Jay Balunas — Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

In this session, Jay Balunas will provide in-depth coverage of various features from JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0, discussing the benefits and shortcomings of each feature. Jay will also talk about how the newly released RichFaces 4.0 project is continuing to enhance JSF to solve these shortcomings by prototyping functionality for the future of JSF.

  • The built-in Ajax support of JSF 2.0
  • Advanced queuing options for performance tuning
  • Client side bean validation, and object graph validation
  • Server-side push for enterprise web applications
  • Current and future plans for JSF and RichFaces

Jay will show attendees how JSF developers can get a sneak peek into the future of JSF by using the RichFaces project now. Whether you are a new JSF/RichFaces user who wants to find out more about the latest developments in the specification, or an old hat with an issue or two on your mind, this session has something to offer you. Attendees are encouraged to bring their concerns and suggestions to this session.

Topics: Java Development, JBoss Community Projects, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise Web Platform

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
Decoding the Code: JBoss World Thursday, May 5 10:20 am - 11:20 am 3.0 / 5.0

Enterprise Insights: JBoss World

This track will break down how open source can give your IT ecosystem a competitive edge. We'll show you why open source software is more secure, has a lower cost and higher value, is interoperable with thousands of ISVs, and is essential for the success and growth of your organization.

It's Important to Get Middleware Right

Clay Olbon — Senior Manager, Accenture
Steve Fisher — Senior Manager, Accenture

Hear two real-world middleware case studies from Accenture that feature leading edge, highly customizable, complex Red Hat implementations. Accenture is helping transform Red Hats online web presence, building a common portal and web content management environment to improve the customer experience. The redesigned site is being built on top of the latest version of JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Site Publisher. This session will focus on some of the key innovations involved in creating a highly customized, fully content-managed web presence for a very large global site. Key topics will include: workflow customization using JBoss jBPM and internationalization/localization of content for multiple sites and languages.

Business rule management system on SOA: Accenture is helping an insurance client deliver a new strategic architecture to support quote, purchase, and mid-term adjustments through direct web, call centre, and aggregator channels. A key business requirement is agility and supporting the business to initiate change without requiring any IT involvement. This session will focus on how JBoss Enterprise BRMS (Business Rules Management System) was used as the underlying rules technology, and how Accenture is working with Red Hat to integrate the Rules Engine into the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) component of the architecture.

Topics: Java Development, JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform, JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Enterprise Web Platform, JBoss Enterprise Web Server

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
Enterprise Insights: JBoss World Wednesday, May 4 3:10 pm - 4:10 pm 3.0 / 5.0

In the Weeds: JBoss World

In this highly-technical, developer-focused track, you'll learn exactly how to leverage Red Hat solutions to drive your IT strategy and your enterprise to new heights. No details will be spared.

Introduction to CDI

Pete Muir — Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

JSR-299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE is an elegant set of new services for Java that draws upon ideas from JBoss Seam and Google Guice. While many of the features provided (dependency injection, contextual lifecycle, configuration, interception, event notification) are familiar, the innovative use of meta-annotations is uniquely expressive and typesafe.

In this session, Pete Muir will briefly introduce the Java EE landscape and use a simple example to illustrate how JSR-299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE enhances the Java EE programming model.

Topics: JBoss Community Projects, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise Frameworks, JBoss Enterprise Web Platform

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
In the Weeds: JBoss World Wednesday, May 4 3:10 pm - 4:10 pm 5.0 / 5.0