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Red Hat Summit Presentations

Current: Summit

10:40am Jeff Jameson, David Simmons Simplified VDI with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops
1:20pm Ken Blue Advancing the Limits of Linux-based Infrastructure – Density, Energy Efficiency, Serviceability, & Reliability
2:30pm Ric Wheeler Distributed File System Choices: Red Hat Storage, GFS2, & pNFS pdf
3:40pm Andy Smith, Hugh Brock CloudForms Roadmap: Build & Manage Private & Hybrid IaaS Clouds pdf
4:50pm Bryan Kearney Managing Red Hat Subscriptions Locally with Subscription Asset Manager pdf
10:40am Al Gillen, Sean Michael Kerner, Scott Merrill, Thor Olavsrud, Rick Whiting Hot Off the Press: Top Journalists on Today's Tech Trends
1:20pm Tushar Katarki, Jake Kodak, Kimberly Palko Red Hat Enterprise MRG Update & Roadmap
2:30pm Jason Beck, John Herr, Kelsey Hudson, Zak Berrie Migrating Workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: A Customer Perspective
3:40pm Thomas Berti, Calvin Smith, Walter Kydd Big Iron Migration
4:50pm Grant Shipley Deploying & Scaling Python Applications on Red Hat OpenShift
9:45am John Camilleri, Máirí­n Duffy, Sebastian Dziallas, Leslie Hawthorn, Jason Hibbets, Guy Martin, Dave Neary, Greg Pryzby, Ruth Suehle Ignite Talks
11:00am Joseph Fitzgerald, Xavier Lecauchois Managing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization in Hybrid Enterprise Clouds

In-depth: Summit

10:40am Jeff Darcy, Tom Trainer A Deep Dive into Red Hat Storage
1:20pm Ben Schwering, Jon Miller Turbocharge your Mainframe with Linux: Let Us Show You How pdf
2:30pm Itamar Heim, Andrew Cathrow, Bhavna Sarathy Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.1 Deep Dive pdf
3:40pm Livnat Peer, Itamar Heim Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Architecture pdf
4:50pm Brian Likosar, Brandon Perkins Application High Availability in Virtual Environments pdf
10:40am Dan Juengst, Joe Fernandes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Enterprises pdf
1:20pm Daniel Walsh Multi-tenancy Virtualization Challenges & Solutions
2:30pm Steve Dickson The Evolution of the NFS Protocol: NFSv4, NFSv4.1, pNFS, Secure NFS pdf
3:40pm Norman Mark St. Laurent Using an Open Source Framework to Catch the Bad Guy pdf
4:50pm Jon Benedict, Karthik Nagalingam Deploying Oracle on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 & NetApp pdf
9:45am Brian Likosar Migrating Oracle Databases to Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
11:00am Mick Wahren Deploying IPv6 from a Platform Systems Perspective pdf

Optimize: Summit

10:40am William Cohen Selecting the Right Tools for Performance Analysis pdf
1:20pm Thomas Cameron SELinux for Mere Mortals pdf
2:30pm Mark Wagner Achieving Top Network Performance pdf
3:40pm Fausto Bernardini Bringing Cloud to Life with IBM SmartCloud Service
4:50pm David Stump, Tomas Nyström Private Cloud Solution for SAP: Leveraging Red Hat’s Technology for High Performance
10:40am Thomas Cameron Red Hat Network Satellite Power User Tips & Tricks 1: System Deployment pdf
1:20pm Thomas Cameron Red Hat Network Satellite Power User Tips & Tricks 2: Packaging Software pdf
2:30pm Ellen Newlands Managing Identity & Access in On-premise and Cloud Environments pdf
3:40pm Mark McLoughlin OpenStack Architecture & Developer Introduction pdf
4:50pm Sanjay Rao Tuning Red Hat Systems for Databases pdf
9:45am Ben England Red Hat Storage Performance pdf
11:00am Adam Miller, Roger Lopez (co-author) Oracle RAC 11gR2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 pdf

Perspectives: Summit

10:40am Jean Staten Healy, Wes Ganeko, Dmitri Joukovski, Carl Trieloff, Travis Volk KVM on IBM System x – Leverage the Ecosystem!
1:20pm Michael Ferris, Gabriele Viebach, Christof Zahneissen Hybrid Clouds & ISVs: Bridging Architecture with Business pdf
2:30pm Guy Martin Pathways: Strategies for Enabling Open Source in Your Enterprise pdf
3:40pm Gordon Haff Busting the Myths of Cloud Computing pdf
4:50pm Matt Eszenyi Hadoop for the Common Man pdf
10:40am Jeff Scheel Developing for PowerLinux
1:20pm Greg Pryzby, Jay Crampton, Scott Croft, Vincent Passaro Real World Perspectives Panel: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2:30pm David Egts, Marco Brizi, Mike Danjczek, Clark Palmer, Mark Nolan Real World Perspectives Panel: Transform
3:40pm Terri McClure, Mohit Anchlia, Steve Ginsberg, Aaron Porter, Alon Kadury, Andy Kipp Real World Perspectives Panel: Red Hat Storage
4:50pm John Rinehart, Kyle Bassett, Jean Crescenzi, Tim Scully, Matthew J. Smith, Ken Williams Real World Perspectives Panel: Virtualization
9:45am Conor O'Mahony Business Value of IBM Databases on Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
11:00am Vin Sharma Designing a Trusted Cloud with OpenStack

Emerging: Summit

10:40am Robyn Bergeron, John Mark Walker Participating in the Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) Model in Red Hat's Communities pdf
1:20pm Jon Masters Hyperscale Cloud Computing with ARM Processors pdf
2:30pm Steve Perry, A.J. Johnson Transforming Applications for Open Cloud with KVM Virtual Appliances
3:40pm Phil Hopkins Getting the Best Out of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Your Cloud Environment
4:50pm Simon Grinberg, Miki Kenneth Scripting & Integration with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: An Introduction to the API & CLI pdf
10:40am Perry Myers Introduction & Overview of OpenStack for IaaS Clouds pdf
1:20pm Deepak Bhole, Siddharth Nagar OpenJDK and Red Hat: Driving Innovation into the JVM
2:30pm Mike McGrath Scaling & the Cloud: Operational Best Practices pdf
3:40pm Todd Warner, Cliff Perry, Katie Kelley The Path Forward for Red Hat Network Satellite with CloudForms
4:50pm Doug Williams, Sayan Saha Red Hat Storage Roadmap & Features pdf
9:45am Bryan Che, Joe Fernandes, Gerry Riveros, Chris Wells Making Cloud Easy with Red Hat Cloud Solutions
11:00am Carlos Ordonez Extreme Virtualization & Cloud Enablement with Linux & IBM Mainframes

Taste of Training: Summit

10:40am George Hacker Begin Programming Your Red Hat Network Satellite Server pdf
1:20pm Forrest Taylor SELinux for Immortals pdf
2:30pm Wander Boessenkool Performance Tuning with 'Tuned' pdf
3:40pm Rudolf Kastl File System Access Control Lists & Special Permissions pdf
4:50pm Bowe Strickland GlusterFS Overview pdf
10:40am Scott McBrien Building Your Own RPMs pdf
1:20pm Bowe Strickland GlusterFS Overview (Replay) pdf
2:30pm Wander Boessenkool Performance Tuning with 'Tuned' (Replay) pdf
3:40pm George Hacker Begin Programming Your Red Hat Network Satellite Server (Replay) pdf
4:50pm Rudolf Kastl File System Access Control Lists & Special Permissions (Replay) pdf
9:45am Forrest Taylor SELinux for Immortals (Replay) pdf
11:00am Scott McBrien Building Your Own RPMs (Replay) pdf