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Top Summit presenters

The names, faces, and backgrounds of all of our session speakers are what make the Red Hat Summit great year after year. Learn more about all of them and reach out to make a connection at the event.

Matt Hicks

What's the best part of Red Hat Summit? Directly influencing product development. Getting a high-level vision, and deep technical insights for products. Hear more from Matt Hicks, a "Top Summit Presenter" and director of engineering for Red Hat OpenShift.

Ray Ploski

What's the best part of Red Hat Summit? Connecting to customers, partners, core engineers, and product managers. Connecting community to enterprise. Getting a mix of people, ideas, and stories. Hear more from Ray Ploski, a "Top Summit Presenter," about The JBoss Way story he'll share to help attendees build better applications and increase developer productivity.

Dan Walsh

What's the best part about Red Hat Summit? Learning about technologies directly from the engineers and providing feature requests and feedback that influence product direction. Hear more from Dan Walsh, a "Top Summit Presenter," about what he'll be discussing at Red Hat Summit 2013, including how customers can use containers, how we're using SELinux and container technology in OpenShift, and how to ensure security.

Thomas Cameron

What's the best part of Red Hat Summit? The content -- everything from sessions to workshops to hands-on labs to talking to engineers between sessions. Explaining technologies and seeing light bulbs go off. Hear more from Thomas Cameron, a "Top Summit Presenter" and Red Hat chief solution architect, about the sessions and labs that will light up the room, including a demo that will help you go from Red Hat Network Satellite Server installation to being in production in one day.

John Shakshober

What's the best part of Red Hat Summit? Knowing what's next, from the people who are creating it. Hear from John Shakshober, director of performance engineering at Red Hat, and Larry Woodman, senior architect for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as they "spill their guts" on cutting edge topics like how the kernel, operating system, and virtualization all feed toward a cloud model. They'll also share case studies on how their teams conduct in-house stress tests on benchmarks and workloads to make products 10-30% better.