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Red Hat Summit Presentations

Taste of DevNation

10:40am Grant Shipley Cloudbursting with OpenShift Enterprise 2
1:20pm Matt Hicks, Ashesh Badani, Joe Fernandes OpenShift roadmap & the evolution of PaaS pdf
2:30pm Ray Ploski Get productive using the JBoss Way
3:40pm Mark Proctor Building & deploying with Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6
4:50pm Lincoln Baxter III Tools worth sharing: Take back your IDE with Forge
10:40am Steve Citron-Pousty, Grant Shipley Introduction to OpenShift for application developers
1:20pm Jérôme Petazzoni, Alexander Larsson Portable, lightweight, & interoperable Docker containers across Red Hat solutions pdf
2:30pm Kris Verlaenen Deep dive into jBPM6
3:40pm Gary Lamperillo, Bruno Meseguer, Gurvinder Singh, Cherian Thomas Red Hat JBoss Middleware: Foundation for agility & innovation
4:50pm Matt Newsome Developer toolset: Build, run, & analyze apps on multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions pdf
9:45am Duncan Doyle High-availablity CEP with Red Hat JBoss BRMS pdf
11:00am Keith Babo Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works: Integration recipes, best practices, & cheat codes pdf

Application and data integration

10:40am Frank Venditti Union Bank builds next-generation solution with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure
1:20pm Ken Johnson Red Hat JBoss Middleware integration products roadmap pdf
2:30pm Alan Santos, Keith Babo, Kevin Conner The what, why, & how of Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works
3:40pm Stuart Kirk UNIX-to-Linux modernization strategies: Eliminate major migration roadblocks
4:50pm Tristan Tarrant, Divya Mehra Replication between datacenters with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid pdf
10:40am Kurt Stam, Eric Wittmann Governance capabilities in Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 pdf
1:20pm Eric D. Schabell The Red Hat Cloud guide to all things xPaaS pdf
2:30pm Scott Cranton Integration in the real world with Red Hat JBoss Fuse pdf
3:40pm Jaroslav Blazek, Radan Base Migrating a Tier-1 order management process to Red Hat JBoss Middleware pdf
4:50pm Babak Mozaffari Integrate your BPMS processes with Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works pdf
9:45am Ted Jones, William Collins, Kenneth Peeples Red Hat JBoss Middleware connectivity options for SAP pdf
11:00am Kenneth Peeples, Kim Palko, Syed Rasheed Big data insights with Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization pdf

Emerging technologies

10:40am Jay Balunas, Steve O'Keefe, Burr Sutter MEAP, schMEAP. Who’s got you covered in mobile? pdf
1:20pm Matthias Wessendorf Mobile push in the enterprise pdf
2:30pm Jacob Shucart, Erin Boyd, Diane Feddema Customer applications of Hadoop on Red Hat Storage Server pdf
3:40pm Swaminathan Chandrasekaran, Filipe Miranda Watson Developers Cloud: Build a new generation of apps pdf
4:50pm David Egts, Emilio Patricio, Greg Scott, Professor Soh Yeng Chai Real-world perspectives: Innovation Award finalists
10:40am Jon Masters Hyperscale computing with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
1:20pm Vijay Bellur, John Mark Walker GlusterFS: Current state & roadmap
2:30pm Nicolas Keller Innovation in the enterprise with OpenStack
3:40pm Jon Masters, Leendert Van Doorn, Bradley McCredie, Craig McLuckie, Jeff Underhill Hyperscale computing: Challenges, opportunities, & emerging trends
4:50pm Rohit Bakhshi, Yan Fisher Architecting for the next generation of big data with Hadoop 2.0 pdf
9:45am Marc Chance Using SOA platforms to modernize legacy applications for the cloud
11:00am Gunnar Morling, Sanne Grinovero Hibernate OGM: Talking to NoSQL in Red Hat JBoss EAP pdf

IT efficiency

10:40am Keith Robertson, Linda Wang Red Hat subscription tools: Faster issue resolution & continuous uptime pdf
1:20pm Linton Ward Exploring big data & analytics for innovative business results
2:30pm David Caplan Red Hat Satellite roadmap & demo pdf
3:40pm Heiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont What’s new with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network pdf
4:50pm Frank Schapfel NFV through Intel's Open Network Platform for servers
10:40am Tom Benninger, Anderson Silva, Andrew Butcher Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterprise pdf
1:20pm Jeffrey Blank, Shawn Wells Applied SCAP: Automating security compliance & remediation
2:30pm Christoph Doerbeck, Karl Abbott, Linda Wang Maximizing RAS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta pdf
3:40pm Andrew Block, Tim Bielawa Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenches pdf
4:50pm Dustin Black Red Hat Storage Server administration deep dive pdf
9:45am Srinivas Kotamraju Automating Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments with Cisco ACI & OpenStack
11:00am Ben England Red Hat Storage Server performance pdf

Road to RHEL 7

10:40am Russell Doty, Stephen Gallagher Administer production servers effectively with OpenLMI pdf
1:20pm Thomas Cameron Next-generation high availability Linux clustering pdf
2:30pm Steve Dickson The new world of NFS pdf
3:40pm Mark Heslin, Dmitri Pal Interoperability update: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta & Microsoft Windows pdf
4:50pm Daniel Walsh Security in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta
10:40am Bhavna Sarathy, Bob Kozdemba, Linda Wang Linux containers in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta pdf
1:20pm Eric Dube, Rashid Khan New networking features & tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta pdf
2:30pm Ben Breard, Lennart Poettering Demystifying systemd: A practical guide pdf
3:40pm Vinod Chegu, Rik van Riel Automatic NUMA balancing for bare-metal workloads & KVM virtualization pdf
4:50pm David Cantrell, Paul Frields Migrating existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations to new major versions pdf
9:45am Ric Wheeler, Steve Dickson Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta file systems: New scale, speed, & features pdf
11:00am Thomas Graf The next-generation firewall for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta pdf

Best of

10:40am Tim Burke Cloud technical roadmap pdf
1:20pm Denise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part I pdf
2:30pm Denise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part II pdf
3:40pm Thomas Cameron, Todd Warner Moving from Red Hat Satellite 5 to 6: A practical guide pdf
4:50pm Daniel Riek, Lars Herrmann Application-centric packaging with Docker & Linux containers pdf
10:40am Larry Woodman, Douglas (Shak) Shakshober, Jeremy Eder Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part I pdf
1:20pm Douglas (Shak) Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Jeremy Eder Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part II pdf
2:30pm Sanjay Rao Performance tuning: Red Hat Enterprise Linux for databases pdf
3:40pm Thomas Cameron SELinux for mere mortals pdf
4:50pm Ståle Pedersen, Andrig Miller Get the most out of Red Hat JBoss EAP & the JVM
9:45am Bhavna Sarathy Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor roadmap pdf
11:00am Roger Lopez, Sanjay Rao Oracle Database 12c on Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Best practices pdf

Business and IT strategy alignment

10:40am Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson Accelerate, integrate, & automate your business pdf
1:20pm Michael Coté What cloud trends mean for you: An analyst's view pdf
2:30pm David S. Linthicum, Gordon Haff Best practices for PaaS, OpenStack, & cloud adoption pdf
3:40pm Hicham Tout, Dan Juengst Quantifying the financial benefits of PaaS: Build your business case
4:50pm Vamsi Chemitiganti, James Labocki Intelligent business management in the cloud
10:40am Kurt Seifried Cloud security: Frameworks & enforcement pdf
1:20pm Phil Simpson, Prakash Aradhya The next wave in BPM from Red Hat pdf
2:30pm Alessandro Perilli Building enterprise clouds: Resetting expectations to get them right pdf
3:40pm Guilherme Barros Support best practices: Optimizing your support experience pdf
4:50pm Sandeep Puri, Mike White, Mike Barrett PaaS lessons: Cisco IT deploys OpenShift to meet developer demand
9:45am Mark Pallone, Zach Smith, James Kirkland Red Hat & Intel solutions for intelligent systems in transportation
11:00am Keita Yamaguchi, Vishal Ghariwala, Masahiko Umeno Migrating JRules to Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Cloud readiness

10:40am Santosh Satyan, Daryn McCool, Jerome Boutaud Scholastic moves to the cloud with Red Hat
1:20pm Craig Carl, Tushar Katarki, Veda Shankar Red Hat Storage Server for AWS pdf
2:30pm Isaac Christoffersen PaaS anywhere: Deploy OpenShift Enterprise in your environment of choice pdf
3:40pm Rhys Oxenham Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform pdf
4:50pm Gordon Haff, Jane Circle How to use Red Hat solutions in a public cloud pdf
10:40am Bill Bauman Red Hat Storage Server on IBM: A proven platform
1:20pm Damon Tepe, John Hardy Red Hat CloudForms for cloud management: Key features & roadmap pdf
2:30pm Anderson Dang, Mike McGrath, Dan Trainor Running & monitoring OpenShift Enterprise pdf
3:40pm John Hardy, Ronak Mallik Flex workloads across private, public, & hybrid clouds with Red Hat CloudForms pdf
4:50pm Michael Day KVM update & the road ahead
9:45am Alex Barreto, Bill Helgeson Pedal to the metal: Red Hat CloudForms for workload & infrastructure management pdf
11:00am Jason Dillaman, Nick Lane Speeding up infrastructure provisioning with Red Hat CloudForms pdf

Cloud deep dive

10:40am Grant Emeny-Smith Cisco Prime Service Catalog & OpenShift
1:20pm Jonathan Donaldson Empowering enterprise IT
2:30pm Vivek Dasgupta Software-defined networking (SDN), OpenFlow, & OpenStack pdf
3:40pm David Simmons, Kevin Morey Red Hat CloudForms: Automation with external systems pdf
4:50pm Dan Radez, Brad Ascar Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure architecture design pdf
10:40am John Byrne, Craig Carl, John Hoffer, Michael Pagan Tuning Red Hat Storage Server & Apache for AWS
1:20pm Keith Basil, Sean Cohen, Tushar Katarki Deterministic capacity planning for OpenStack as elastic cloud infrastructure pdf
2:30pm Arthur Berezin Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform high availability
3:40pm Jonathan Gershater, Wes Day Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure vs VMware vCloud Suite
4:50pm Scott Herold Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization deep dive
9:45am Stephen Gordon Deep dive: OpenStack Compute pdf
11:00am Nir Yechiel Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure networking deep dive pdf

Application development

10:40am Mark Little, Rob Davies, Tim Fox, Jason Greene, Pete Muir The future of middleware: Java, enterprise engineering, and Fuse
1:20pm Niel Eyde, Rodrigo Flores Get going faster with on-demand private PaaS
2:30pm Rich Sharples Red Hat JBoss Middleware acceleration products roadmap
3:40pm Gorkem Ercan, Burr Sutter Hybrid mobile development with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio
4:50pm Ryan Hennessy Deeper understanding of software collections
10:40am John Doyle, Brian Stansberry Managing access control with Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2
1:20pm Steve Citron-Pousty Scale or fail: How OpenShift scales your application
2:30pm Simon Cashmore, Gonzalo Silva Cruz, Matt Depue Red Hat JBoss EAP at Barclays: An enterprise-scale adoption
3:40pm Marc Linster, Brian Rose, George Drapeau, Ian Pilcher Eliminate dependencies on proprietary software: A proven approach
4:50pm Serge Pagop, Burr Sutter Migrating traditional Java EE applications to mobile pdf
9:45am Martin Liebrich, Bartosz Majsak Java application migration with Arquillian & Windup
11:00am Filippo Crea, Andrea Sormanni, Edoardo Schepis Maximizing performance with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Taste of training I

10:40am Scott McBrien Working with PAM pdf
1:20pm George Hacker Begin programming your Red Hat Satellite Server pdf
2:30pm Bowe Strickland Apply tuning profiles with tuned pdf
3:40pm Wander Boessenkool Deploying applications on OpenShift Enterprise pdf
4:50pm Forrest Taylor Installing & using the Keystone Identity Service pdf
10:40am Rudolf Kastl Using Cinder block storage pdf
1:20pm Scott McBrien Working with PAM (replay) pdf
2:30pm Rob Locke Working with FirewallD pdf
3:40pm Steve Bonneville Administration in the world of systemd pdf
4:50pm Rob Locke Working with FirewallD (replay)
9:45am Rudolf Kastl Using Cinder block storage (replay)
11:00am Forrest Taylor Installing & using the Keystone Identity Service (replay)

Taste of training II

10:40am Will Dinyes Hello, world! with SwitchYard pdf
1:20pm Ricardo Jun Monitoring enterprise governance with Overlord pdf
2:30pm Easwara Periyathamby Authoring rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS pdf
3:40pm Will Dinyes Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6: Servers in the domain pdf
10:40am Easwara Periyathamby Authoring rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (replay) pdf
1:20pm Will Dinyes Hello, world! with SwitchYard (replay)
2:30pm Will Dinyes Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6: Servers in the domain (replay)
3:40pm Ricardo Jun Monitoring enterprise governance with Overlord (replay)
11:00am Randy Russell Red Hat Certification update, changes, & roadmap

Community and partner ecosystem

10:40am Carl Trieloff, Karanbir Singh The new community dynamic for open source: CentOS & Red Hat
1:20pm Joseph George, William Mason OpenStack solutions from Dell & Red Hat: Now available pdf
2:30pm Addam Krucek, Terry Bowling, Ryan Hennessy Delivering intelligent systems with Red Hat: Best practices for partners pdf
3:40pm Mike Werner The Red Hat ecosystem of certified solutions: Applications, OpenStack, & beyond
4:50pm Srinivas Kotamraju, Duane DeCapite Deploying OpenStack with Cisco networking, compute, & storage
10:40am Michael St. Jean, Veda Shankar Using Red Hat Storage Server with HP ultrascale solutions for big data
1:20pm Kershaw Mehta Got downtime? Building QoS into the cloud
2:30pm Shubh Ram, Shrikant Ghare Configuring a disaster-resilient Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment
3:40pm Jon Benedict, Steven Carter, Colin Devine Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform in the enterprise with FlexPod
4:50pm Kent Lipschultz Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on HP ConvergedSystem 700x
9:45am Karl-Heinz Hoffmann Simplified IT & real-time business management with SAP
11:00am Abhijit Dey Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform pdf

Birds of a Feather

6:00pm Bilgehan Ozpeynirci, John Doyle, Jason Greene, Rich Sharples Help Red Hat redefine the application platform again
6:00pm Jay Balunas Mobile & Rich Client smack-down
6:00pm Heiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont Meet Red Hat JBoss Operations Network
7:00pm Mike Guerette Red Hat Software Collections
7:00pm Pete Muir Next-generation Java
7:00pm Maxime Greau, John Doyle WildFly 8 new features
8:00pm Jordan Sissel, Will Cohen, Mike McGrath, Langdon White Best practices for system & application monitoring
8:00pm Brad Abrams, Terry Okamoto, Ales Justin Google App Engine, CapeDwarf, TCK
8:00pm Robb Greathouse Tools for JBoss migrations
8:00pm Scott Stark ARM lab

Application and platform infrastructure

10:40am Scott Clinton Open, software-defined storage: The new priority for modern datacenters
1:20pm Anand Subramanian, Rajesh Joseph Snapshots in Red Hat Storage Server: Overview & quickstart pdf
2:30pm Sayandeb Saha, Vijay Bellur Red Hat Storage Server: Roadmap & integration with OpenStack pdf
3:40pm Adam Miller Software collections: Keeping pace without sacrificing platform stability pdf
4:50pm John Herr, Aaron Weitekamp Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization disaster recovery pdf
10:40am Will Foster, Kambiz Aghaiepour, Dan Radez Building scalable cloud infrastructure using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform pdf
1:20pm Volker Otto HP Moonshot with Red Hat Enterprise Linux saves space & energy for
2:30pm Jeff Darcy, Venky Shankar Red Hat Storage Server replication: Past, present, & future pdf
3:40pm Scott Herold Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Overview & roadmap
4:50pm Christopher Duryee, Rich Jerrido, Bryan Kearney Understanding your subscription inventory using Subscription Asset Manager pdf
9:45am Jay Hendrickson Manage your HP ProLiant & Bladesystem environment with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
11:00am Bruno Meseguer, Markus Van Laak, Nabeel Saad Follow the yellow brick road to emerging technologies pdf

Town hall

10:40am Adam Jollans, Michael Day, Jeff Jameson Building open clouds with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, OpenStack, & IBM
1:20pm Ted Brunell, John Keese, Kent Rockwell, Munjeet Singh, Clay Wells Innovation of the people, by the people, for the people
2:30pm Raïssa Tona, Venkatesh Jakka, Bernard Lee, Nirmal Mehta, Melvin Soh Build a foundation for your private cloud
3:40pm Ron Pacheco, Vadim Ratinov, Seth Shevach, Jason Spears, Nathan Thaler, Micheal Waltz Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 high-touch beta user perspectives
4:50pm Dan Juengst, Lans Carstensen, John Liptak, Kevin Meredith, John Wiebalk OpenShift Enterprise in the wild: Stories from customers
10:40am Todd Warner, Remmele J. Hinton, Felipe Pereira, Greg Procunier, Joshua Toffler Real-world perspectives: Managing infrastructures with Red Hat Satellite
1:20pm Jeff Jameson, Jakub Chrzeszczyk, Fernando Oliveira, Matt Walburn, James Weatherell Deploying an OpenStack private cloud with Red Hat
2:30pm Richard Brueckner, Paul Cross, Andrea Fabrizi, Bob Page Big data today & tomorrow
3:40pm Ashish Nadkarni, Pankaj Gautam, James Hickerson, Zdenek Sedlak, David Yaffe Turn storage from a burden into an asset with Red Hat Storage Server
4:50pm Don Frederick, Rob Barker, Brijesh Kalidindi, Seong K. Mun Real-world perspectives: Red Hat technology in U.S. healthcare
9:45am Mike Werner, David L. Brown, Gordon Haff, Chris Marino, Michael Tso Red Hat & OpenStack: The partner ecosystem advantage
11:00am Brian Ashburn, Erik H. Berger, Teresa Bobadilla, John Galvin, Markus Merder Real-world perspectives panel: Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware