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Breakout session tracks

We organize more than 150 breakout sessions into tracks to help navigate all of the options available at any given time. Each track has a unique solution-focus, but attendees will see a variety of products, demos, customer success stories, and more within a single track.

Best of

Over the years, several session speakers have emerged as event celebrities and several subjects have emerged as must-see attractions, garnering standing-room-only crowds. This track serves as a home to their sessions.


Cloud technical roadmap

Tim Burke

Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part I

Denise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team

Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part II

Denise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team

Moving from Red Hat Satellite 5 to 6: A practical guide

Thomas Cameron, Todd Warner


Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part I

Larry Woodman, Douglas (Shak) Shakshober, Jeremy Eder

Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part II

Douglas (Shak) Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Jeremy Eder

SELinux for mere mortals

Thomas Cameron

Get the most out of Red Hat JBoss EAP & the JVM

Ståle Pedersen, Andrig Miller


Application & data integration

This track provides overview and deep dive sessions that cover the products, features, and technologies for datacenter modernization and consolidation. Example topics include: storage migration, performance optimization, management of data in distributed applications, and middleware integration. Attendees will learn how to enable lines of business to rapidly respond to business events in an automated manner, automate rules-driven business processes, and integrate applications, data, and embedded devices across all cloud environments.

Application & platform infrastructure

This track features the developers who write the code, the solution architects who work in the field, and the product managers who contribute to product direction. Example topics include: deployment techniques, performance optimization, and system management, and sessions will include technology overviews, roadmaps, and deep dives. Attendees will learn how to increase performance and scalability, implement security policies, meet service level agreements, and more effectively manage deployments.

Application development

This track covers application development tools and technologies. Example topics include: best practices, methodologies, and techniques for building applications in C, C++, Java, PHP/LAMP, Ruby, Node.js, and many other commonly used developer tools and languages, and new development approaches such as Platform-as-a-Service. Attendees will also learn how the tools that build, run, and scale applications are evolving.


The future of middleware: Java, enterprise engineering, and Fuse

Mark Little, Rob Davies, Tim Fox, Jason Greene, Pete Muir

Get going faster with on-demand private PaaS

Niel Eyde, Rodrigo Flores


Managing access control with Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2

John Doyle, Brian Stansberry

Red Hat JBoss EAP at Barclays: An enterprise-scale adoption

Simon Cashmore, Gonzalo Silva Cruz, Matt Depue

Eliminate dependencies on proprietary software: A proven approach

Marc Linster, Brian Rose, George Drapeau, Ian Pilcher


Java application migration with Arquillian & Windup

Martin Liebrich, Bartosz Majsak

Maximizing performance with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Filippo Crea, Andrea Sormanni, Edoardo Schepis

Business & IT strategy alignment

This track targets the juncture of business and IT considerations necessary to create competitive advantage. Example topics include: new architecture deployments, competitive differentiators, long-term and hidden costs, and security. Attendees will learn how to align architecture and technology decisions with their specific business needs and how and when IT departments can provide competitive advantage.


Accelerate, integrate, & automate your business

Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson

Best practices for PaaS, OpenStack, & cloud adoption

David S. Linthicum, Gordon Haff

Intelligent business management in the cloud

Vamsi Chemitiganti, James Labocki


The next wave in BPM from Red Hat

Phil Simpson, Prakash Aradhya

PaaS lessons: Cisco IT deploys OpenShift to meet developer demand

Sandeep Puri, Mike White, Mike Barrett


Red Hat & Intel solutions for intelligent systems in transportation

Mark Pallone, Zach Smith, James Kirkland

Migrating JRules to Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Keita Yamaguchi, Vishal Ghariwala, Masahiko Umeno

Cloud deep dive

This track will focus on best practices and advantages of deploying Red Hat’s full portfolio of cloud solutions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat CloudForms, and more. Attendees will hear use cases from customers, and learn how they can successfully integrate Red Hat’s cloud solutions into their IT strategy.


Cisco Prime Service Catalog & OpenShift

Grant Emeny-Smith

Empowering enterprise IT

Jonathan Donaldson

Red Hat CloudForms: Automation with external systems

David Simmons, Kevin Morey


Tuning Red Hat Storage Server & Apache for AWS

John Byrne, Craig Carl, John Hoffer, Michael Pagan

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure vs VMware vCloud Suite

Jonathan Gershater, Wes Day


Deep dive: OpenStack Compute

Stephen Gordon

Cloud readiness

This track covers the changing concepts and implications of moving workloads to the cloud. Example topics include: data migration, consumption models, operational approaches, and management frameworks. Attendees will gain insight into cloud readiness for their IT infrastructures and businesses, and learn how to maintain control, security, and compliance when moving to hybrid cloud operational models.


Scholastic moves to the cloud with Red Hat

Santosh Satyan, Daryn McCool, Jerome Boutaud

Red Hat Storage Server for AWS

Craig Carl, Tushar Katarki, Veda Shankar

How to use Red Hat solutions in a public cloud

Gordon Haff, Jane Circle


Running & monitoring OpenShift Enterprise

Anderson Dang, Mike McGrath, Dan Trainor

KVM update & the road ahead

Michael Day


Community & partner ecosystem

This track showcases community leaders and their innovative upstream work, as well as the certified commercial solutions that the Red Hat partner ecosystem brings to market. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of the value of a Red Hat subscription and learn how to extract the maximum value from their investments.

Emerging technologies

This track features sessions covering the trends and strategies driving the future of enterprise computing. Example topics include: big data, mobile, software-defined storage, and intelligent systems. Attendees will be among the first to know about what's coming from Red Hat and how to better plan for shifts in the IT landscape.


MEAP, schMEAP. Who’s got you covered in mobile?

Jay Balunas, Steve O'Keefe, Burr Sutter

Mobile push in the enterprise

Matthias Wessendorf

Customer applications of Hadoop on Red Hat Storage Server

Jacob Shucart, Erin Boyd, Diane Feddema

Watson Developers Cloud: Build a new generation of apps

Swaminathan Chandrasekaran, Filipe Miranda

Real-world perspectives: Innovation Award finalists

David Egts, Emilio Patricio, Greg Scott, Professor Soh Yeng Chai


GlusterFS: Current state & roadmap

Vijay Bellur, John Mark Walker

Hyperscale computing: Challenges, opportunities, & emerging trends

Jon Masters, Leendert Van Doorn, Bradley McCredie, Craig McLuckie, Jeff Underhill


Hibernate OGM: Talking to NoSQL in Red Hat JBoss EAP

Gunnar Morling, Sanne Grinovero

IT efficiency

This track features how-to (step-by-step) sessions that describe aligning the activities relating to people, processes, and technologies with long-term business objectives. Example topics include: management, optimization, and reporting. Attendees will learn about practical, proven solutions that will help them meet tomorrow's business demands.


Red Hat Satellite roadmap & demo

David Caplan

What’s new with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

Heiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont


Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterprise

Tom Benninger, Anderson Silva, Andrew Butcher

Maximizing RAS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

Christoph Doerbeck, Karl Abbott, Linda Wang

Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenches

Andrew Block, Tim Bielawa


Road to RHEL 7

This track highlights the features and capabilities that position Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as the platform for next-generation IT. Sessions will cover topics specific to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta, ranging from Linux containers, the OpenLMI framework, and cross-domain identity management to the powerful system and performance management tools. Attendees can use examples of real-world use cases and the experiences of beta participants to plan their own implementations.

Taste of DevNation

Co-located with Red Hat Summit, DevNation offers an agenda tailored to application developers and maintainers who build with open source. Attendees from both events will be able to attend sessions in this track, which will offer sessions relevant to both audiences.

Taste of Training

This track features a sampling from Red Hat's robust training and consulting services that are offered on both an individual and team basis.

Town hall

This track features moderated panels of Red Hat customers, partners, and solution experts. Example topics include: real-world deployments, best practices, and lessons learned. Attendees will learn competitive advantages for driving increased business value.


Innovation of the people, by the people, for the people

Ted Brunell, John Keese, Kent Rockwell, Munjeet Singh, Clay Wells

Build a foundation for your private cloud

Raïssa Tona, Venkatesh Jakka, Bernard Lee, Nirmal Mehta, Melvin Soh

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 high-touch beta user perspectives

Ron Pacheco, Vadim Ratinov, Seth Shevach, Jason Spears, Nathan Thaler, Micheal Waltz

OpenShift Enterprise in the wild: Stories from customers

Dan Juengst, Lans Carstensen, John Liptak, Kevin Meredith, John Wiebalk


Real-world perspectives: Managing infrastructures with Red Hat Satellite

Todd Warner, Remmele J. Hinton, Felipe Pereira, Greg Procunier, Joshua Toffler

Deploying an OpenStack private cloud with Red Hat

Jeff Jameson, Jakub Chrzeszczyk, Fernando Oliveira, Matt Walburn, James Weatherell

Big data today & tomorrow

Richard Brueckner, Paul Cross, Andrea Fabrizi, Bob Page

Turn storage from a burden into an asset with Red Hat Storage Server

Ashish Nadkarni, Pankaj Gautam, James Hickerson, Zdenek Sedlak, David Yaffe

Real-world perspectives: Red Hat technology in U.S. healthcare

Don Frederick, Rob Barker, Brijesh Kalidindi, Seong K. Mun


Red Hat & OpenStack: The partner ecosystem advantage

Mike Werner, David L. Brown, Gordon Haff, Chris Marino, Michael Tso

Real-world perspectives panel: Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Brian Ashburn, Erik H. Berger, Teresa Bobadilla, John Galvin, Markus Merder

Birds of a Feather

These sessions focus on a particular topic, but are facilitated conversations rather than being purely instructor- led. You can discuss the topics that interest you most during one of our evening BoF sessions (beer included).


Help Red Hat redefine the application platform again

Bilgehan Ozpeynirci, John Doyle, Jason Greene, Rich Sharples

Mobile & Rich Client smack-down

Jay Balunas

Meet Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

Heiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont

Red Hat Software Collections

Mike Guerette

Next-generation Java

Pete Muir

WildFly 8 new features

Maxime Greau, John Doyle

Best practices for system & application monitoring

Jordan Sissel, Will Cohen, Mike McGrath, Langdon White

Google App Engine, CapeDwarf, TCK

Brad Abrams, Terry Okamoto, Ales Justin

Tools for JBoss migrations

Robb Greathouse

ARM lab

Scott Stark

Hands-on Labs

Our 2 hour, instructor-led labs allow attendees to use, touch, and experience Red Hat solutions in a hands-on environment.


Fundamentals of LVM with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

Christoph Doerbeck, Jonathan Brassow


Test-drive Red Hat Satellite 6

Todd Sanders, Bryan Kearney

Implementing & managing OpenShift Enterprise

Bob Kozdemba, Miciah Masters, Grant Shipley

Protecting your data with Red Hat Storage Server

Jacob Shucart, John Hoffer

Containers & resource management in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

Christoph Doerbeck, Johnray Fuller, Daniel Walsh


Deploying OpenShift Enterprise on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Heat templates

Scott Collier, Chris Alfonso, Bob Kozdemba, Steve Reichard, Vinny Valdez, Aaron Weitekamp

Experience the future with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta

Ben Breard, Rick Ring, Mike Watkins

Getting started with Red Hat Storage Server

Jacob Shucart, Brandon Newell