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Past Red Hat Summit and JBoss World Events

Coming up on their eighth year, and fourth together, the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World have set up open source shop in various locations around the US and internationally.

Past locations include:

2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, Boston

Returning to the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, the seventh annual Red Hat Summit and JBoss World was a forum for sharing knowledge and best practices for platform, middleware, management, and virtualization solutions as well as the future of the open cloud. With a focus on interoperability and portability with our partners, a theme of "Mix Well" was felt throughout the 136 breakout sessions, keynotes, and campgrounds. We also demonstrated this commitment with our best "mixes" of open source solutions for maximum effect for our featured customers on our customer walkway. Red Hat also shared our cloud strategy with the community and announced two new cloud offerings: OpenShift and CloudForms.

Click here to see highlights from the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World.

2010 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, Boston

Red Hat took the party back to Boston in 2010, hosting both events at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center, June 22 - 25, 2010. Highlights included visionary keynotes and product announcements from Jim Whitehurst, Paul Cormier, and Brian Stevens touting the importance of cloud computing and virtualization to meet the new demands placed on IT. The event off-site party was hosted at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, followed by the ever-popular Red Hat Summit and JBoss World pub crawl.

2009 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, Chicago

The Hilton Chicago was home to the fifth year of the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, held September 1-4, 2009. It was the first time the two events were co-located. From the head of digital operations at DreamWorks, to the CIO of GEICO, and CTO of the New York Stock Exchange -- the keynote topics covered it all. Red Hat also announced the availability of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, and a new open source cloud community project -- Deltacloud.

2008 Red Hat Summit, Boston

Summer was in full force when Red Hat landed in Boston in June 2008 for the fourth-annual Red Hat Summit. Notable keynoters included: the CIO of Harvard Medical School, the co-executive producer and writer for The Simpsons, and the general manager of IBM. Red Hat announced the availability of Red Hat MRG, which delivers realtime capability and high-performance messaging. Also announced was Red Hat's initiative to advance open virtualization through an embedded Linux hypervisor, virtual infrastructure management, and security infrastructure.

2008 JBoss World, Orlando

Red Hat spent Valentine's Day in sunny Orlando for the 2008 JBoss World, where the event focused on enterprise-ready middleware advancements. Red Hat announced several community projects, as well as the release of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.

2007 Red Hat Summit, San Diego

Red Hat took open source innovation to the west coast for the third-annual Red Hat Summit in May of 2007. During the event, Red Hat and IBM announced a worldwide Enterprise Linux-On-Mainframe Program, and Alan Dechert of the Open Voting Consortium keynoted on the importance of open voting systems in the future of US and worldwide elections.

2007 JBoss World, Berlin

JBoss World traveled internationally to Germany for the third year of the premier open source middleware events. From middleware and management advancements in open source, to SOA and security technologies — the 2007 JBoss World covered it all.

2006 Red Hat Summit, Nashville

Shadowman donned cowboy boots and a hat when Red Hat went south for the 2006 Summit in Nashville. During the event, Red Hat announced its increased collaboration with the One Laptop Per Child initiative, as well as the launching of Mugshot and new testing tools and processes. Top keynotes included Cory Doctorow from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Eben Moglen, founder of the Software Freedom Law Center.

2006 JBoss World, Las Vegas

The second-annual JBoss World took place in Las Vegas, and was the first time the event took place as part of the Red Hat family. During the event, JBoss unveiled it's open source enterprise management strategy, extended certification to software-as-a-service applications, and JBoss Seam 1.0.

2005 Red Hat Summit, New Orleans

Red Hat's first-annual Red Hat Summit kicked off with a bang in the city of New Orleans. Stellar keynoters from igrep, IBM, HP, and Magnatune spoke about the future open source would play in the enterprise. During the event, Red Hat called for intellectual property and patent policy reform and announced the availability of Red Hat Directory Server.

2005 JBoss World, Barcelona

The inaugural JBoss World was held in Barcelona and was the first step for JBoss in becoming the premier open source middleware event and set the standard for the stellar open source experience attendees will experience at the 2010 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World.