Bruno Lima


Innovation can be confused with creativity. We must unite the productive reasoning and innovative action that result in competitive advantage. Therefore, I chose to use open-source technologies, especially Red Hat® solutions in all projects of my clients.

This decision was crucial for my career and for the IT environment of the clients who worked as using the Red Hat-certified skills, along with the knowledge acquired in training Red Hat, I kept an innovative approach allowing expansion of the environment so creative.

For this, I had the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge gained, is the simple installation of a server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux kickstart an automated way, whether in high-availability environment with Cluster Suite. I had the opportunity to create the first pilot project in Brazil using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and can integrate with various systems and using RHDS and Satellite Server.

From simple to complex design, SELinux was instrumental in the improvement of safety systems.

As for performance, we know that with the use of Red Hat Enterprise, we can extract the maximum performance of the servers, but when it was necessary to a specific setting, the knowledge acquired in training Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning were paramount.

Thus, the results have always been customer satisfaction, a safe environment and performing, and of course, all guaranteed by the largest open-source world, because with the use of subscriptions, always had the support of the support Red Hat.

So be creative and innovative, we have selected Red Hat solutions, where we can exercise the skills of Red Hat Certified exploring and developing new ideas, opening doors to new and better business opportunities.