Red Hat courses FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about Red Hat® Training courses.

Red Hat skills assessment

How reliable are the tests?

Red Hat's skills assessment tests usually estimate the skills of individual candidates correctly. It is, however, the course participant's responsibility to select and enroll in the appropriate class. Red Hat urges all prospective course participants to use the skills assessments in conjunction with course descriptions, stated prerequisites, and self-appraisal of experience and background to evaluate their readiness for a course. A course for which you're slightly overprepared will almost always be more beneficial than one for which you're underprepared.

What is the goal of Red Hat skills assessment tests?

Red Hat's skills assessment tests help prospective course participants determine whether they possess the knowledge taught in particular Red Hat courses so they can choose the appropriate class for their level of skill and knowledge.

When you complete a skills assessment test, your results on the test are reported and a recommendation is presented. The web page will also provide the opportunity to email the results to others. If you have been asked to provide your skills assessment results to a training coordinator in your organization, your supervisor, or a sales representative, do so by sending your results to their email addresses.

Virtual training

What is virtual training?

Virtual training is real-time training conducted remotely featuring Red Hat instructors. The classes are taken in 5.5-hour increments, Monday through Friday, over a 1-week period (days may vary based on selected classes). All sessions start at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Currently, virtual training is only available to customers in the US and Canada.

Can I record the class sessions?

No. The class sessions are content copyrighted by Red Hat and recordings, and/or reuse of the class sessions cannot be made without prior consent from Red Hat.

I need to reschedule my virtual training. What are my options?

Please see Red Hat Training policies for rescheduling and/or cancellation.

I will not be able to attend one or all of the class sessions. What are my options?

The same Red Hat Training cancellation policy for instructor-led training applies to virtual training. We use live people for instruction and lab proctoring for the duration of the class session. Missing a day of virtual training is just like missing a day of instructor-led training.

I was unable to connect to the class session. What are my options?

If it's an outage or other problem on Red Hat's side of the connection, we'll offer a make-up class session. Red Hat will not be held responsible for missed classes based on factors outside of Red Hat's control. You're are responsible for ensuring that your Internet connection is functional and complying with the minimum software, bandwidth requirements, and scheduling. Support is available by contacting during regular business hours (Eastern Standard Time). If it's the first day of class, you can return all of your materials to Red Hat and then receive a refund, consistent with the Red Hat Training guarantee.

What are the system requirements for completing lessons and labs?

The lessons are streamed, which means clients will need a sustainable bandwidth of 100 Kb/s, burstable up to 300Kb/s. High latency connections, such as satellite, are not supported. Both the class streamed content and lab access can be completed using web-based java applets, so having a browser capable of using java applets is required.

Do I receive a course book? If so, when should I expect it?

Yes. You should expect it Wednesday or Thursday the week before class starts.

Do I need a head set?

No, audio is delivered through a 1-800 call in number over your phone.

How do I check my firewall?

The virtual training page has a firewall tester. Go to and login using your RHN or account. Click the Home button in the red bar at the top of the page. Now click the Firewall Tester link listed on that page.

What are the system requirements for viewing virtual training?

Supported operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 (i386)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 (x86_64) (64-bit systems) if i386-compatible libraries are installed

  • Fedora 16 and 17 (i386)

  • Fedora 16 and 17 (x86_64) (64-bit systems) if i386 compatible libraries are installed

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2008

Macintosh systems are not currently supported.

Supported browsers:

  • Firefox 3.0+ (download Firefox)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0+ (download Internet Explorer); IE security setting must be set at medium or lower, and pop-up windows must be enabled; your web browser must be Java-enabled

Java plug-in:

Outbound connection:

  • Direct outbound access on tcp port 443 with no proxy server

I did not receive or have lost my link to the virtual training login page. How can I have it sent again?

Go to the virtual training login page and log in using your Red Hat Network (RHN) or your account. If you don't have an account, register for one here.

Is virtual training eligible for volume discounts?

Yes. Virtual training purchased directly from Red Hat can use the multistudent discount. Terms and conditions apply. If you are planning to purchase through a training partner, please contact to determine qualification.

What will I see on my screen?

You'll see live-stream web delivery of the instructor's screen as he or she speaks, provides examples, and answers questions. The class is designed to parallel its classroom equivalent to the greatest extent possible, and to that end you'll also see everything the instructor types clearly without impediment.

In addition, you'll have access to Live Access Labs, a remote Red Hat Enterprise Linux system provided for students to complete course labs. The Live Access Labs are available 24x7* for the duration of the course to allow you to gain additional expertise with the system.

*Outages can happen; see our terms and conditions for outage policy.

Can I ask questions during class?

Of course. There's a chat function that lets you post questions to the instructor.

How do I register for a virtual training session?

Enrollment in virtual training works identical to enrollment in instructor-led training. The only difference is the course number will end in VT, which is how you can identify them as virtual training classes.

Live Access Labs

Are there prerequisites for purchasing Live Access Labs?

While there are no prerequisites for purchasing Live Access Labs, we recommend that you have attended a Red Hat Training course and have your manual available for guidance. Live Assess Labs only include access to a classroom student server1 environment and doesn't have any instructional support.

Who can I contact with further questions?

Are Live Access Labs tied to 1 computer, or can I access it from multiple computers?

Live Access Labs use a or Red Hat Network user account to authenticate to the environment. Access is not tied to a specific computer, as the client used is web-based. But you can have only 1 active Live Access Labs session at a time on a specific account.

What are the system requirements to run a Live Access Labs session?

Live Access Labs sessions require a web browser with a Java Runtime Environment capable of running plug-ins. Additionally, your firewall must allow outbound connections to ports 80, 443, and 5900-6999.

I did not receive or have lost my link to the Live Access Labs login page. How can I have it sent again?

Send your request by email to

Are Live Access Labs eligible for volume discounts?


How long do I have to activate my Live Access Lab after purchase?

Live Access Labs are scheduled to activate automatically by 5:00pm Eastern Time the following business day after purchase. At this time there is not a way to purchase Live Access Lab time and activate the service at a different point in the future.

How will I be notified with my confirmation?

Once your registration is received and payment confirmed, we'll schedule your machine to be installed and ready for you to access by 5 p.m. Eastern Time the following business day. When the machine is ready, we'll send you an e-mail confirmation to verify that the machine is available along with details of how you access and use your Live Access Lab.

How do I register for a Live Access Lab?

Live Access Lab time can be purchased through the Red Hat's Web store.

I am unable to connect to the Live Access Lab. What are my options?

Support is available within 1 business day of sending your request by email, and is available during regular business hours (Eastern Standard Time).


I have forgotten my password or I cannot login to the virtual training login page. Can you reset my password?

virtual training works off of the same mechanism as or Red Hat Network. The lost login/password functionality of those can be used to recover a lost password. Follow this link to reset your password.