Red Hat System Administration III Labs (RH254L) course outline

Getting started with the classroom environment

  • System administration review

Enhance user security

  • 'sudo' rules syntax
  • Kerberos configuration example
  • Troubleshooting authentication quiz

Bash scripting and tools

  • Writing a Bash shell script
  • Text processing commands
  • Scripting user management tasks

File security with GnuPG

  • Secure files with GnuPG

Package management

  • 'Yum' plugins
  • Create a 'yum' repository
  • Query with 'yum' plugins

Network monitoring

  • 'nmap' options
  • Closing open ports
  • Packet inspection
  • Monitoring the HTTP service

Advanced network configuration

  • Network bonding configuration
  • Static route configuration
  • Routing network traffic

Secure network traffic

  • Use SSH port forwarding
  • Implement a firewall
  • Network address translation

NTP server configuration

  • Configuring NTP

System monitoring and logs

  • Usage reports
  • Implementing AIDE
  • Tuning 'tmpwatch' and 'logrotate'

Centralized and secure storage

  • Configuring iSCSI
  • Encrypting iSCSI

SSL encapsulated web services

  • Apache mod_ssl basics
  • Creating a custom self-signed certificate
  • Working with CA-signed certificates

Additional web server configuration

  • Configure name-based virtual hosts
  • Apache CGI
  • Configure LDAP-based authentication
  • Troubleshooting Apache SELinux issues

Basic SMTP configuration

  • Basic e-mail delivery
  • Intranet configuration

Caching-only DNS server

File sharing with NFS

  • NFS concepts and configuration

File sharing with CIFS

  • Accessing CIFS shares
  • Samba home directory configuration

File sharing with FTP

  • FTP drop box

Troubleshooting the boot process

  • Repairing boot problems
  • Configuring a serial console

NOTE: Course outline is subject to change with technology changes and as nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic please contact a training specialist at 1-866-626-2994 or via e-mail: North America | Europe-Middle East-Africa.