RHCE Rapid Track Course with RHCSA and RHCE

Fast track to RHCE certification for senior Linux system administrators

Unit 1: Software Management

Objective: Manage packages with yum, rpm, and RHN; build an RPM package and place it in a repository.

Unit 2: Network Management

Objective: Configure and troubleshoot network settings; configure network bonding and IP aliases.

Unit 3: Storage Management

Objective: Manage partitioning, file systems, and swap space; configure encrypted partitions and iSCSI initiator.

Unit 4: Logical Volume Management (LVM)

Objective: Manage physical volumes, volume groups, and logical volumes with their file systems.

Unit 5: Account Management

Objective: Provide password aging for accounts; use ACLs and SGID directories for collaborative directories.

Unit 6: Authentication Management

Objective: Configure an LDAP and Kerberos client; configure autofs to support an authentication client; configure sudo and SSD.

Unit 7: Installation, Kickstart, and Virtualization

Objective: Install a system and manage kickstart and firstboot; use virtualization tools to manage virtual machines.

Unit 8: Boot Management

Objective: Configure runlevels and sysctl; reset the root password; understand the boot process.

Unit 9 : Security Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) Management

Objective: Understand, troubleshoot, and manage SELinux.

Unit 10: Firewall Management

Objective: Manage the firewall.

Unit 11: Network Time Protocol (NTP) Service

Objective: Configure an NTP server and provide that service to clients.

Unit 12: System Logging Service

Objective: Create disk, I/O, and memory usage reports; configure remote logging.

Unit 13: Web (HTTP/HTTPS) Service

Objective: Manage a web server with virtual hosts, CGI scripts, and user-based file/directory access controls.

Unit 14: SMTP Service

Objective: Null client; outbound smarthost relay; accept inbound connections.

Unit 15: Caching-only (DNS) Service

Objective: Configure a caching nameserver and DNS forwarder.

Unit 16: File Sharing with NFS

Objective: Manage and secure the NFS service using NFSv3 and NFSv4.

Unit 17: File Sharing with CIFS

Objective: Configure the CIFS to provide home directories, file sharing, and printer service; use a client to access the CIFS shares.

Unit 18: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service

Objective: Provide FTP drop-box upload service.

Unit 19: Secure Shell (SSH) Service

Objective: Configure and implement SSH keys.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist.