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December 2006


Microsoft: Pact with Novell is just swell (really it is)
ZDNet: 12/20/06

alternative-theory: 12/17/06

Red Hat: Customers are not afraid of Microsoft
CNet: 12/13/06

Red Hat on the NYSE: A big move for open source
InfoWorld: 12/11/06

Red Hat Yawns At Oracle, Microsoft
Internet Financial News: 12/11/06

IBM votes NO on Open XML in ECMA
Bob Sutor: 12/07/06

Yahoo Starts Selling MP3s
RedHerring: 12/06/06

Red Hat tops CIO Insight's 'Value' list again
InfoWorld: 12/06/06

Reputation vs. marketing in open source
ZDNet: 12/06/06

Novell: where have the PR folk gone?
ITWire: 12/06/06

Unbreakable Linux still unproven, analyst warns 12/05/06

Microsoft-Novell deal reminiscent of SCO saga
ComputerWorld: 12/04/06

Novell "Forking"
Groklaw: 12/04/06

The Novell-MS Deal: What Happens *After* the 5 Years?
Groklaw: 12/03/06

The Big IP Lie
Open: 12/02/06


ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD by FuseProject 12/20/06

Skype founders to offer web TV
Financial Times: 12/17/06

Ideas don't have to cost an arm and a leg
Indy: 12/13/06

one laptop + video conferencing = hotness
Chris Blizzard: 12/12/06

Firefox 3 on the way!
waleg: 12/11/06

ODF Now an ISO Standard
IDM: 12/08/06

Vista vulnerable to a third of malware
ComputerWorld: 12/08/06

How Vista Lets Microsoft Lock Users In
InformationWeek: 12/05/06

Closer ties for Mozilla, Linux programmers
CNet: 12/05/06

The power of a connected experience
Chris Blizzard: 12/05/06

GIMP Complete Tutorials
true hacker: 12/04/06

One Laptop per Child
Technology Review: 12/04/06

Open source projects threatened by e-learning patent
ars technica: 12/03/06


ThinkFree Office Suite Attracts Users -- And Google
InformationWeek: 12/20/06

Open Source Software: what's the score?
buziaulane: 12/20/06

Issues With OpenSource Software 12/17/06

Are everyday PC users learning to hate Microsoft?
Houston Chronicle: 12/15/06

Bill Gates On The Future Of DRM
TechCrunch: 12/14/06

Sun slams Ecma's OpenXML OK
computing: 12/11/06

Free software and social revolution
Mike Linksvayer: 12/10/06

Laptop Project Builds Support, Software Options
LinuxInsider: 12/07/06

Homemade Firefox videos to become TV ads 12/06/06

How Microsoft subverts the government for profit
Blackmoor Vituperative: 12/06/06

Google education campaign targets next generation
Seattle Times: 12/04/06

How to Crap All Over a Product Launch, by Microsoft Corp.
graceful flavor: 12/02/06

November 2006


Open Invention Network Explained
Red Hat Exec Blogs: 11/30/06

Scientists push open access for developing nations 11/29/06

Microsoft: Please look like me (well, not all of you)
Bob Sutor: 11/27/06

French assembly opts for open source
ComputerWeekly: 11/27/06

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts
Rob Weir: 11/27/06

UWC Head of Computer Science declares: "We will completely rid ourselves of Novell"
SilentCoder: 11/25/06

Peace In Our Time
Red Hat Executive Blogs: 11/21/06

Hold that Red Hat obit
ZDNet: 11/21/06

Readers blast Ballmer for saying Linux users owe Microsoft
ComputerWorld: 11/17/06

A closer look at Oracle's indemnification offerings for Linux
InfoWorld: 11/16/06

Winners and losers in the New Linux World
Linux-Watch: 11/15/06

Partners Ready To Dig Into Open-Source Java
CRN: 11/15/06

Philippines gov't mulls mandated open source use
IT World Canada: 11/15/06

Why Open-Source Java Is Such A Big Deal
InformationWeek: 11/15/06

Sun exec explains open source Java 11/14/06

Icesoft offers AJAX technology to open source
InfoWorld: 11/14/06

Lawrence Lessig's classic "free culture" presentation
EFF: A classic.

Sun Makes Java Technology Open-Source Project
Yahoo! Finance: 11/13/06

Samba Team Asks Novell to Reconsider
Samba: 11/12/06

The war is over and Linux won
ZDNet: 11/09/06

SFLC's Bradley M. Kuhn's Letter to the FOSS Development Community Regarding Microsoft's Patent Promise
Groklaw: 11/09/06

A five year deal with Microsoft to dump Novell/SUSE
Linux Journal: 11/08/16

One Laptop Per Child wins Popular Science "Best of what's new" award
Popular Science: 11/08/06

Details of Novell-MS Pact - The SEC filing
Groklaw: 11/07/06

Suse, You Got Some E'splainin' To Do
InformationWeek: 11/06/06

Customers: Open source's only true friend
InfoWorld: 11/05/06

The road to the Microsoft tax is paved with Novell's best intentions
InfoWorld: 11/03/06

The Morning After
GrokLaw: 11/03/06

Novell and Microsoft: intellectual property bridge or innovation tax?
Business Review: 11/03/06

Ballmer's new weapon against Linux is...Linux
InfoWorld: 11/02/06

Novell Sells Out
GrokLaw: 11/02/06

Microsoft and Novell: Fox marries chicken, both move into henhouse
ZDNet: 11/02/06

Linux has won - long live the rest of the indemnified stack
ZDNet: 11/02/06

Novell-Microsoft: What They Aren't Telling You
Technocrat: 11/02/06

Red Hat, Inc. - Mamma said knock you out (Larry) 11/02/06

Do It Right, Oracle
ultramookie: 11/01/06

One hat too big even for Larry's head
ZDNet: 11/01/06


First OLPC Linux laptops arrive from factory
DesktopLinux: 11/28/06

Installing Fedora on your Playstation 3
youtube: 11/27/06

Eben Moglen: Software and Community in the Early 21st Century
youtube: 11/21/06

Red Hat Doesn't Want Mono
DevX News: 11/21/06

Red Hat to build enterprise stack on JBoss ESB .40
ITWeek: 11/21/06

The Sorry State of Massachusetts
Consortium Info: 11/16/06

Microsoft admits open source patent pledge misses the target
Computer Business Review: 11/15/06

Tax-funded research should be made available to those in need
Spartan Daily: 11/15/06

PC makers aim at $100 mark in emerging-market push
Reuters: 11/14/06

A Synthetic Biology Commons?
ScienceCommons: 11/13/06

Microfinance and open source: natural partners
NewsForge: 11/13/06

Open-source project treads on Google Maps turf
CNet: 11/13/06

Using the open source method to make a movie about open source
DVguru: 11/09/06

Songbird: Singing a New Tune with a Firefox Twist?
Mad Penguin: 11/06/06

Oracle To Red Hat: With Friends Like Us, You Won't Be Needing Enemies
InformationWeek: 11/03/06

Moglen: Microsoft-Novell raises GPL questions
CNet: 11/02/06

Novell to make 'running royalty payments' to Microsoft
Seattle PI: 11/02/06


For $150, Third-World Laptop Stirs Big Debate
NYTimes: 11/30/06

What's the Difference Between that 2004 Sun-MS Agreement and Novell's?
Groklaw: 11/24/06

Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement 11/27/06

Who's Afraid of the Public Domain?
Peter Saint-Andre: 11/26/06

The Windows Shutdown crapfest
moblog: 11/24/06

Wikipedia Explodes In China
slashdot: 11/15/06

Jon Stahl: 11/15/06

Why web developers will need to know their RSS
Computer Weekly: 11/15/06

Copyright Protection Problems For OSS Project
slashdot: 11/13/06

Here a Zune, there a Zune, everywhere a Zune Zune
Houston Chronicle: 11/12/06

Open Source holds up in court
InfoWorld: 11/09/06

Open source as a bargaining chip
ZDNet: 11/08/06

October 2006


Too Soon for Red Hat to Run Up the White Flag
CIO: 10/30/06

Foxtrot: On open source voting
Foxtrot: 10/29/06

Analyst: Oracle won't be able to outperform Red Hat on support
InfoWorld: 10/30/06

Red Hat isn't cutting prices, and here's why
InfoWorld: 10/27/06

Oracle has yet to prove Linux cred
CNET: 10/27/06

Um, Larry? It's free as in speech, not free as in MINE!!!! 10/26/06

Oracle's war of stack against stack
ZDNet: 10/26/06

INGRES: 10/26/06

Analyzing the Oracle Linux move...from the guy who developed Oracle's Linux strategy (Dave Dargo)
InfoWorld: 10/26/06

Ellison's Red Hat hijacking maneuver
ZDNet: 10/26/06

"Fundamentally, this is free software in a proprietary wrapper"
451 CAOS Theory: 10/26/06

Open Uni goes free with online studies
EveningTimes: 10/24/06

Firefox 2.0 out a day early
Bit Tech: 10/23/06

Lloyd's Head of Exposure Management Calls for 'Open Source' Models
Insurance Journal: 10/19/06

Creative Commons + Flickr = 22 Million Sharable Photos
PBS: 10/18/06

Protect, don't stifle
TodayOnline: 10/18/06

Open source globalization benefits organizations, individuals
IT Manager's Journal: 10/16/06

Digital rights in question as business model
Reuters: 10/15/06

One laptop per child seeks top hackers
SecurityFocus: 10/12/06

European Commission boosts open source
The Register: 10/12/06

OpenDocument format gains handy conversion utility
NewsForge: 10/12/06

U.S. Group Reaches Deal to Provide Laptops to All Libyan Schoolchildren
The New York Times: 10/11/06

Hundred-dollar laptop designed with futuristic security
Technology Review: 10/9/06

Movies Go Open Source With Stray Cinema Project
Geekzone: 10/8/06

Opening Up Online Learning
Inside Higher Ed: 10/9/06


Critics Concerned Electronic Voting Not Secure
NPR: 10/27/06

Impossible problem checkmated by open-source software
Betsy Devine: 10/30/06

Szulik says Red Hat's ready for Oracle
News & Observer: 10/27/06

Vista kernel fix 'worse than useless'
The Register: 10/24/06

Diebold Code Spill Hikes Electronic Voting Security Concerns
TechNewsWorld: 10/23/06

Renewed security risks for Windows Vista
The Age: 10/23/06

The online book: team authors, and it's never finished
USA Today: 10/22/06

Women Helping Women: A microlending plan implemented by a local nonprofit is helping females get out of poverty and into business
San Diego Magazine: 10/19/06

Firefox 2.0 One Step Closer
CMSWire: 10/17/06

Public Patent Foundation and Software Freedom Law Center to Co-Sponsor Conference on Software Patents
PRNewswire: 10/17/06

Massachusetts: State of Open Source
TechNewsWorld: 10/16/06

Vendor Applies For Certification With Open Voting Consortium
Open Voting Consortium: 10/15/06

Writing C# software using open source tools on Windows
IT Manager's Journal: 10/13/06

China relaxes block on Wikipedia 10/13/06

Red Tape Hinders Open Source Uptake in Government
TechNewsWorld: 10/12/06

Qualcomm's Eudora switches to open source
vnunet: 10/12/06

Why is OSS Commercial Software So Expensive?
slashdot: 10/4/06


Past performance is indicative of future results
slashdot: 10/25/06

Will Oracle Linux Kill Red Hat? 10/26/06

Oracle's Red Hat rip-off
Linux-Watch: 10/26/06

Apple music profits hit by anti-DRM Norwegian
m-net: 10/25/06

The name is Google. So sue us
The Age: 10/24/06

Device innovation feeds open source mobile
ZDNet: 10/18/06

UMass-Lowell won't renew "Open Source"
Boston Herald: 10/17/06

Leaked letter warns of open source 'threat to eco-system'
TechWorld: 10/16/06

Figuring out fair use of own files
LA Times: 10/15/06

A Recipe for Intellectual Property Madness
InfoWorld: 10/12/06

Why intellectual property is a vital trade for the English-speaking world
The Independent: 10/12/06

Why open source is under-utilised in graphics
ComputerWorld: 10/9/06

The "recording biz" is over? forum: 10/3/06

Articles from Red Hat and others that we think got it right.