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At Red Hat, the company ideals aren't just words on paper—they're part of everything we do. Open source is the nature of our code, and the standard we live by. And if a picture's worth a thousand words? Then video is in the billions. Here's ours.

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The Open Source Triple Play

What is the Triple Play? Improving your company's total cost of ownership, reinvesting the savings to improve collaboration, and driving user innovation.

What is Red Hat's role in the open source community

The open source community consists of a large number of communities...

Our Favorites

The Seeds of Open Source

Dr. Vandana Shiva-physicist explains how her work saving seeds and protecting traditional knowledge in the farming industry parallels open source ideology.

Open Source in Government

Open source is answering the call at government agencies at all levels as they look for opportunities to carve out costs and improve security, transparency, public participation and collaboration.