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Jeremy Hogan

Senior Community Relations Manager

Jeremy Hogan runs a comprehensive community outreach and engagement program for Red Hat. His technology career spans over ten years, from commercial production technologist in Los Angeles, to consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Kodak and EDS before joining Red Hat.

Jeremy began his career at Red Hat running the first installation support hot line from it's launch with Red Hat Linux 6.0, through 7.1, when he briefly joined CollabNet as Manager, Technical Support. Jeremy rejoined Red Hat to help build out the enterprise support offering, working with such clients as Amazon, AOL, HP, Pixar and SGI.

Jeremy attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. He got a 1320 on his SATs after an otherwise undistinguished High School career where he lettered eight times on the Varsity squads. Jeremy was elected camper of the year two summers in a row, and made the state finals a national spelling bee after sweeping the 9th grade, two districts, and three counties before finally going down on "gondolier" on live TV.

Jonathon Opp

Jonathan Opp

Editorial Manager

As a four-year veteran of Red Hat's creative team, Jonathan is responsible for the quality and consistency of content across Red Hat's marketing materials, including advertising, Web, and sales collateral. His work can be found in each of Red Hat's four annual reports as a publicly traded company.

Jonathan has extensive experience developing marketing content for leading technology companies. He began his career at Gateway, writing marketing materials and bid proposals for the company's Major Accounts group, then prior to Red Hat, joined IBM's creative services division to market IBM's line of enterprise systems management software and ThinkPad computers.

Jonathan graduated from the University of South Dakota with majors in English and Mass Communication and a 3.8 GPA. And was a featured soloist in the 1993 Aberdeen Central High School Pop, Popcorn, and Pops concert, where he performed the 80s Nylons' hit "Up the Ladder to the Roof."

Jay Turner

Jay Turner

Technical Lead, Quality Assurance

Since joining Red Hat in 1998, Jay Turner has been an integral member of the quality assurance team at Red Hat. Over the years he has worked closely with hardware and software partners as well as Red Hat engineers to develop and execute test plans to ensure the highest code quality.

In 2000, Red Hat transitioned its business model to offer a subscription service called Red Hat Network. Jay and 5 other Red Hat associates were chosen to bring this vision to reality. Today, Red Hat Network has more than 1 million registered machines and is the keystone to Red Hat's Open Source Architecture.

Jay graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science. In 1992, he received the Best Actor award for his portrayal of "Moonface Martin" in Graham High School's presentation of "Anything Goes."

Chris Grams

Chris Grams

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

Chris Grams brings to the World Tour five years of experience marketing open source solutions with Red Hat. His resume also includes a two-year stint in direct marketing at IBM and additional experience in technology and business publishing.

In 1999, he founded Red Hat's flagship direct marketing program, the Under the Brim e-newsletter, which has been profiled in marketing journals around the world and now features nearly one million readers. Under his leadership, the Marketing Communications group has received numerous awards for their creative annual reports, videos, and collateral pieces.

Chris is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He did some graduate study in Cambridge, MA and to this day continues to receive the Harvard Alumni Magazine. So there. In 1982, he received his Cub Scout "Bear" badge from the Boy Scouts of America.