Red Hat World Tour 2004Seven Cities.  Four Continents.  Two Weeks.


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Jeremy Hogan

Senior Community Relations Manager

50% evangelist, 50% propagandist, and 50% full of crap, Jeremy is the manager of the Red Hat Community Relations program. He has worked for Red Hat the better part of four years (the worse part was spent selling "Maps to the Stars' Homes" in the greater Buffalo metropolitan area). He was also the diabolical mastermind and fearless leader of Red Hat Road Tour 2002. Being a stereotypical Gemini, he is both creative and logical. Yin and Yang, the light within the dark within the light. Or so he says. Mostly it comes off as focus issues.

Voted most likely to: Be caned as an example to others.

Jonathon Opp

Jonathan Opp

Editorial Manager

Editor, writer, the voice behind the voice. In his four years creating content for Red Hat, Jonathan has described open source in at least 158 different ways—each somehow using the word "inevitable." His turn-ons: Sentence fragments. Subject-verb agreement. Turn-offs: Shorts that ride up. Another survivor of Road Tour 2002, Jonathan will again track the tour's progress through a series of sleep-deprived journal entries. Once jetlag sets in, all bets are off.

Voted most likely to: Get headbutted in the nose for hailing the "beer wench" in a phony cockney accent.

Jay Turner

Jay Turner

Technical Lead, Quality Assurance

Since the last tour nearly killed Dave "Lobster Boy" Lawrence, he bowed out, leaving us without a bald guy. So we got his boss. Jay has been a Linux geek since '94, joining Red Hat's quality assurance team in '98 to break the Red Hat Linux installer in new and creative ways. He is a founding member of the Red Hat Network team, and is now the QA team's technical lead. Jay spends most of his time in the office making developers weep. In his off-time, he can be found scouring antique stores, turning away "Stone Cold" Steve Austin autograph seekers, and counting his "Look at me, I'm pre-IPO" wristwatch collection.

Voted most likely to: Lose it.

Chris Grams

Chris Grams

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

The grownup. With almost five years living and breathing Red Hat. Founder of Under the Brim. Man of few words, many syllables, and no meaning. Devoted caretaker of the Red Hat brand. Exorcist of all that is Corporate or Capitalized. Leader of the constant struggle to keep Red Hat hip, whatever that means. Chris has come a long way from taking names of kids who horsed around when the teacher was at the mimeograph machine.

Voted most likely to: Be last seen running naked into the outback.




Official tour documentarian. When not re-editing "director's cuts" of old Fellini films, he can be seen rehearsing a debate with himself as to whether he best typifies the legacy of Godard's cinema verité or is the natural heir to Truffaut's New Wave for his Sundance acceptance speech.

Voted most likely to: Stage a tirade where he claims he "can't work like this" and abandon us somewhere between Munich and London, only to resurface three months later in Prague and release "World Tour Gone Wild" and "Jonathan Opp: Uncut" to the Web and make millions.