Application Lifecycle in the Cloud: Rethinking Application Delivery Models

IT is ultimately about running applications and delivering them to users. The cloud doesn't change that.


You still need application lifecycle management—the ongoing updating, control, and governance of applications from the date they're developed to the date they're retired. But cloud computing introduces a new dynamic to application lifecycle management that has enterprises rethinking application delivery models.

Are you ready for the shift? Join us for this webinar as we explore the following questions:

  • How do you manage standard operating environment and application compliance throughout their complete lifecycles?
  • How do you define, create, and manage images for a cloud infrastructure?
  • How do you operationally manage running applications within an image?
  • How do you ensure consistency across different management processes?

Date: August 4, 2011

  • Available on demand
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Business and Technical


Chris Wells Sr. product marketing manager, Red Hat

About Chris Wells: Chris Wells has more than 15 years of experience working in the information technology industry. Currently he is the senior product marketing manager for Red Hat Network Satellite. Prior to Red Hat, he worked in product management, product marketing, technical presales, and technical training roles for Quest Software, Sterling Commerce, and Vanstar. Chris has both an undergraduate degree and an MBA from the Ohio State University.

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