United States, February 26, 2001

Red Hat GNUPro Development Environment To Run On Ubicom IP2000 Internet Processors

Ubicom, Inc. (formerly Scenix), a leader in providing Internet Processors and networking software that enable ubiquitous communication, and Red Hat, Inc., (NASDAQ: RHAT) today announced that they will work together to develop a port of the Red Hat GNUPro embedded development tools to the Ubicom IP2000 family of Internet Processors. Red Hat is the leading developer of open-source Internet infrastructure solutions, including the award-winning Red Hat Linux server operating system, enterprise e-commerce platforms, embedded operating systems and GNU-based developer tools and support solutions for a wide variety of embedded processors.

As a result of the agreement, Red Hat will provide GNUPro development tools for Ubicom's IP2000 family of Internet Processors, which are used to provide Internet connectivity in such applications as home appliances, security systems, remote monitoring and control systems, and data gathering systems. The GNUPro development tools will be available in the second quarter of 2001.

"Red Hat is excited about the Ubicom IP2000 Internet Processor family architecture and its capabilities," said Michael Tiemann, Chief Technical Officer, Red Hat, Inc. "Like Red Hat, Ubicom is investing in and providing key pieces of the Internet infrastructure, and we've found that there is a great deal of synergy between us, especially in our mutual open-source vision of Internet devices. In making the GNUPro tools suite available for use with Ubicom's device-to-device communication solutions, we're again helping an innovative company come to market quickly, and in this case feel that we're also helping make the Internet a truly universal connectivity medium.''

GNUPro is Red Hat's commercial software development suite of tools, which is built around the open-source GNU standard and features a graphical interface, compiler, debugger, linker, loader, utilities, C++ compilers, a debugger with a graphical user interface, and other standard utilities.

GNUPro products are tested, certified and produced as an integrated tool suite specifically for commercial developers of both desktop and embedded products. Ubicom's IP2000 Internet Processor chips are optimized for network connectivity applications, and are ideally suited for use in device-to-device communications networks. They can be programmed, and reprogrammed, using Ubicom's pre-built software modules, the source code for which is available from the Ubicom Web site.

"We're pleased at the prospect of leveraging Red Hat's expertise with other high-end controllers and processors, and are looking forward to working closely with them on the development of a GNUPro tool suite for the IP2000, as well as extending the joint effort to future projects," said Stephan Thaler, Ubicom's vice president of marketing. "GNUPro is the leading compiler/debugger tool suite used by software developers around the world, and will be ideal for designers using the IP2000 Internet Processor chips and networking software modules. Red Hat and Ubicom have both taken an open-source approach to the Internet infrastructure, and we're anticipating a long and fruitful partnership.''

Ubicom, Inc.
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ubicom, Inc., enables ubiquitous communications. Ubicom is the leading supplier of Internet Processors and networking software that will connect billions of devices to the Internet. Ubicom implements communications and control functions as pre-built software modules that run on its Internet Processors. This approach reduces time to production and system cost, while providing greater flexibility, compared to traditional design approaches. Additional information on Ubicom and its products can be found on the Web at http:// www.ubicom.com

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