Ask Shadowman

April 2003

His pimp hand is strong. He's got one name like Nosferatu or the Fonz. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on... it's The Shadowman, and he's readier than evier for the steadiest influx of interrogatory inquests ever inquired of a personification de plume.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Eric Z. scratched and banged his head before asking:
How does one edit the Red Hat menu in Bluecurve (i.e. adding/removing menus/programs)?

Shadowman says:
One doesn't. Not the way one used to. One's graphical menu editor went away from Gnome and has yet to return.

One might, if one wished, create a folder of one's launchers as desktop objects and drag it to the panel. One would then have a menu of one's items. One may then delete one's main menu. If one were so inclined.

Mike S. weebled and wobbled, then wrote down:
Every time I put on a kernel patch via Red Hat Network, I get a line added to my GRUB boot menu for the new kernel level. I know how to delete these from GRUB's menu, but are there also old kernel versions laying around too? Should I be deleting these old kernel versions, and if so, how?

Shadowman says:

Shadowman is reminded of the time in college when he shacked up in the East Village with a beautiful bilingual ballerina/barrista named Lasmina. It was wonderful and awful. Passionate, lovely, angry and sanguine and ended the way these things always seem to end.

Even though Shadowman has changed her mailing address, the selection of the month kept coming.

Sigh. Anyhoo...
rpm -e old_kernel(s)
That will take the extra files out of /boot and the /etc/grub.conf file (and boot menu). Shadowman always leaves one version older in tact, just in case.

In short:

To Floyd, Floyd all null and void, Shadowman Says: 'grep -r string /*', you might want to add '> output.txt' since you'll likely get more hits than the screen can hold.

To Stephan F., who wanted P4 on 6.1, Shadowman Says: Nuh uh. You'll have to come up to the 7 series or later for that.

To Nagesh, who has the xmms source, Shadowman Says: rpmbuild –rebuild name_of.src.rpm and look in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS for the binary.

To Justin T., who wanted to know when Red Hat 8.1 was coming out, Shadowman Says: Shadowman hates to be the one to break it to you, Justin, you seem like such a nice kid and all, but... Never.

And To Amitabha R., who says "I love you, Shadowman", Shadowman Says: I love ya right back. But, if you call my house again at 2AM, we can't be friends anymore.