Ask Shadowman

April 2004

April. It gets a bad rap. Is it known for Earth Day? Arbor Day? No. April Fools Day. But we remember April for what it is. Time to set your clocks ahead. Time too, for he with but one name like Shadowman or shadowman he is... the Shadowman. And he's back from his sojourn as a Shadowblogger to answer your questions the old fashioned way.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Peter M. wined and then:
I do have two programs for which Linux compilations are not available. Both are concerned with real time data gathering using an RS232 port for communications.

I've downloaded Wine and installed it. It seems to be working fine. I've tried installing the application programs from the original CD but Wine falls over very early in the process with no obvious reasons why and hence no obvious solution.

Every time I run the program I get the error message "All ports already open" I assume this is referring to the various COM ports which are assigned to TTYS0 etc. in the Wine config file.

I appreciate this is possibly a Wine problem but it could be a problem related to ensuring the Linux assigns the port to Wine.

Shadowman says:
As for your wine suspicions you may be correct in that error message. Check your wine.conf file, you may have a limited numbe of posts that Wine knows about. You should have something like:

"Com1" = "/dev/ttyS0"
"Com2" = "/dev/ttyS1"
"Com3" = "/dev/ttyS2"
"Com4" = "/dev/modem"

You try adding some more in there. Shadowman would have to be more familiar with the program you're trying to run and it's error messages to guess much further at it.

You can also try out something like serlook or some of the command line tools in the Serial How-to there are many things you might be looking for (amount of traffic, or what's in the traffic, or how it's shaped and routed; or does it like cheese?) but that should get you started.

Johan W. got in trouble too:
Gooday, how can I make Red Hat Linux 9 bootlable. I have the three iso `s.

Shadowman says:
Shadowman will guess that you have a burner and a running OS. In a Windows app, make sure you burn image and not just burning the file to disk, the first iso has the boot image on it already. If you're in Linux you can use xcdroast. Copy the iso's into your burn directory, and go to write tracks. You can select the iso from the images window and move it to the window on the left. The track window. Accept the tracks, and click on the "write tracks" tab to proceed.

Or use cdrecord to make the disks. Something like:

cdrecord -v -eject -dao driveropts=burnfree speed=16 dev=0,0,0 disc1.iso

Last month in the Shadowblog:
Shadowman answered a question, and before he could answer, dozens of Shadow-wannabes jumped in to answer one another. As will happen with these community types. But some folks were worried, that this would be how all future Ask Shadowman columns would be delivered:

To Shadowman,
Is a blog the best way to get your information out? There is too much interaction on the net, not too little; people like your sharp answers to questions.

and Chris D who said only:
The new shadowblog is lame.

Shadowman says:
Shadowman answered that in the blog, but Under the Brim is where Shadowman's peeps live. Shadowman appreciates your patience while he tried to get in on some of that World Tour hype. Shadowman, for better or worse, will be in your inbox every month.