Ask Shadowman

August 2003

He's back, he's tan, and his inbox runneth over. He's got one name like Tarzan or Virgil, he's... the Shadowman. Here once again to ply you from your plight.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Joel G. writes:
I'm trying to gauge a quota for my ftp users, how can I figure out the total and average size of their files?

Shadowman says:
Shadowman is glad you asked. Mostly because he isn't psychic and would otherwise have no idea what you wanted. Try this one on for size:

find path_to_files -type f -name "*.*" -ls | \

awk 'BEGIN{ FILECNT = 0; T_SIZE = 0;} \

{ T_SIZE += $7; FILECNT++} \

END{print "Total Files:", FILECNT, \

"Total Size:", T_SIZE, \

"Average Size:", T_SIZE / FILECNT;}'

Where path__to_files is the actual path to the user's directory.

Frank D. wants to know:
I dual boot, how do I access files on my Windows partition?

Shadowman says:
Mount the Windows partition thusly:

mount -t vfat /partition/windows_share /mount_point
Where the file system follows -t.

Replace '/partition/windows_share with the partition/location of your XP document folder and /mount_point with a valid mount point.

cd /mount_point
And you should see the documents. Open from and/or write to that folder and all should be right as rain.

Shadowman adds that mount point to /etc/fstab to make it go like magic.

Jon M hollered:
Is it advisable to mix packages from higher version of RH on lower version of RH? For instance I need MySQL 4 and PHP 4 for a client, both these packages are available on RH9, however they are not available on version 7.3.

Shadowman says:
You will have to rebuild from the source. Download the source rpm and: rpmbuild --rebuild package.src.rpm Which will put a new binary in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386. Which still may not do the trick, you may want to check the host sites for backported versions.

In short:

Ray J., who was having trouble with his home network Shadowman says: redhat-config-network is your friend

Professor C., who wanted help bilking the populace out of their pension for a monorail Shadowman says:Simpsons did it!