Ask Shadowman

January 2004

January. Time to resolutely resign to rationatively resolve resolutions, only to remorselessly renege with recrudescent recalcitrance; rejoicing in your recitivism. Who needs such tired and Babylonian dogma, you ask, when you can't print? He understands. He with but one name, like Aneirin or Zmaj, and but one resolution: To boldly help more newbies, in the New Year; and lay off the split infinitives.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Jon, who wanted the 3 for 1 axed:
I have rhl9 and cannot do the following:
1) mount a memory key (benq 256MB) and a Herton 32MB.
2) get a brooktree Bt848KPF Video Grappler rev A1 card to work, what application can I use to start the TV?
3) most important stop messages (iptables) from showing up on the console whereas I prefer they are recorded to a log file.

Shadowman says:
All righty, let's do the important stuff first then: 3) A couple of steps here. First in /etc/syslog.conf change:

   #kern.*    /var/log/kern  
   kern.*    /var/log/kern
Then in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit change:
   /bin/dmesg -n $LOGLEVEL  
   /bin/dmesg -n 1
Then either reboot, or type 'dmesg -n 1' and restart syslogd.

Ahhh. An uncluttered console.

1) These show up all sorts of neat places. Try to mount /dev/sr0 or /dev/sda as the most common suspects.

2) Shadowman got a Brooktree BT848KPF to work, now what? Oh you mean... nevermind. So try tvtime, XawTV, or KWinTV for TV and gnomeradio for the FM tuner.

Duane L., just gotta know:
Running 'mkdir -p /dir1/dir2' gave me a dir called -p. How do I get rid of a directory that has a hyphen as the first character? I can't even change (cd) to the directory to be sure it is empty before attempting to remove it because the cd thinks the -p is an option and tries to use it as such without success.

Shadowman says:
Firstly, the command should have worked, so some hidden character must be lurking in your cut and paste. It reminds Shadowman of the time when several shadowy friends and Shadowman rigged a Rube Goldbergian device over an unsuspecting neighbors door on Shadowman's favorite holiday. Halloween. Long story short, Shadowman was left standing in a flood of motion activated lights with a handful of broken string, an air horn and one perplexed looking dog.

It should have worked.

To this day, back in the Shadowhood, we often marvel at the miracle that is Murphy's Law.

Anywho... to get rid of that directory try:

rmdir -- -p or rm -rf -- -p

And if it's still being persnickety try:

'ls -lai' which should give you the inode number like:

1486220 drwxrwxr-x    3 user user   4096 Jan 19 14:09 -p
And then:

find . -inum 1486220 -exec rm -- {} \;

In short:

To Fred N., who went fro RHL 8.0 to Fedora Core v.1 and missed RHN Shadowman says: RHN has no Fedora channel, but you can use up2date on a public repository.

P. Slack, who wants some hw specs for ES Shadowman says: 300Mhz Pentium or Celeron (>=750Mhz recommended), 256M RAM (>=512M recommended), 800M HD or higher, etc. etc.