Red Hat Speaks on 8.0 and Multimedia

I want my mp3's...(and DVD's)

Red Hat did not ship MP3 and DVD players in our 8.0 release. If you thought we were just checking to see if you were paying attention, you're wrong. Due to patent licensing and conflicts between such patent licenses and the licenses of application source code, (MP3) support has been removed from applications in Red Hat Linux.

Info on re-enabling mp3 playback in 8.0 can be found at: and

Unfortunately, going there and getting your mp3 functionality back, does not get away from the gray area of mp3 playback on GPL'd software. Caveat emptor.

Now, if you're really crazy, and want to unencode your mp3's to wav, and into a format you won't get hassled by "The Man [tm]" for using, get mp32ogg:

Or, if you like quality and want to make Ogg Vorbis files from scratch use grip (which we still ship) or download it:

What the heck is Ogg Vorbis, you say? It's a compression codec, not all enmired in sticky tape like mp3. Some even say it's better quality:

And the rest:

Find xine at:

And a dvd plug-in at:

As for Macromedia Flash player, that can be found on the applications CD in the Red Hat Linux 8.0 Professional boxed set or as always at:

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be found on the application CD or at:

Get RealPlayer at: