An open letter from Matthew Szulik

Red Hat Chairman, CEO, and President

For over ten years, Red Hat, in collaboration with software developers from the global open source development community, has created innovative technologies that are accessible and affordable to all people. With the commercial adoption of solutions based on open source technologies by enterprises, governments, schools and software innovators, legal challenges were expected from entities who face economic consequence by Red Hat's progress in delivering competing alternative solutions.

Since 1983, lawsuits have become all too commonplace in the software industry. Innovators who challenged proprietary economic models have faced threats to free enterprise throughout the history of commerce.

History has proven that the consumer, when offered the freedom of choice, will select the high-value, low-cost alternative. Red Hat is committed to advance the merits of free enterprise and choice of open source software technologies for our customers.

Consistent with Red Hat's core values--Freedom, Commitment, Courage and Accountability--Red Hat's software development community takes valid intellectual property rights seriously. We respect and take effort to maintain the legal and technical integrity of valid intellectual property, including patents, copyright and trademark. When the integrity of the Red Hat brand is publicly called into question, we will defend the use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux by our customers.

We welcome inquiries from our prospects and customers on the inferences made by competitors on Red Hat's software development practices. Just like Red Hat software, once the source is in the open, the facts become evident to all.

Email us your questions and comments: Legal Affairs, 1801 Varsity Drive Raleigh, NC 27606