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Featured Article: Evolution - Fun with filters

Evolution is a very Outlook-ish mail client that runs on Linux. It has the same basic look, feel, and functionality, like calendering, contact management and tasklist.

A favorite feature is filtering. We all get an awful lot of SPAM, and an even greater amount of legitimate e-mail. If not for filtering, all would, or could, be lost. Or unreturned. Here's a quick how-to in setting up filtering for Evolution.

  1. SPAM killer -- Let's suppose for the time being that you have only one spammer. The bad news is he gets you four hundred times a day.

    That's easy. Right click one of his fabulous offers for over-the-counter Viagara alternatives, and select Create Rule From Message - Filter on Sender.

    You will get a dialog box with the rule half created. Name your rule--for example, "mad spammer". Notice that the "If" crieterion section is filled out based on the spammer's address. Go to the "Then" portion and change the "move to Folder" drop down to be "Delete" and click okay.

    If you have today's batch of SPAM, you can Edit > Select All on your Inbox, then Actions - Apply Filters. If all goes well your Inbox will be relieved of all SPAM matching that address. All future mail will automatically be filtered as it arrives.

  2. Boss mail -- So let's say you want to single out mail for special attention, rather than deletion. Maybe you want to pull all mail from your boss to a special folder named "Bossmail".

    First go to File - New - Folder, and create a folder called "Bossmail".

    Now go to Tools - Filters...

    Click "Add", and fill out the wizard. Left to right, top to bottom. Be sure to title the filter. Chose "Sender contains" for the "If" portion, and "Move to Folder" Bossmail.

    When your boss sends you an e-mail, it will now be routed to his/her own folder.

  3. "To Do" Filter -- Yeah, We have a PDA, and even a Day Planner too... BUT, sometimes we need yet another reminder that there's something else to do.

    Create a folder called "ToDo", then do a double filter where both "Sender contains" and "Recipients contain" your address in the "If" section. If both crieteria are met,"Then" move the message to the ToDo folder.

    So, how it works is this: if you reply to an e-mail and commit yourself to something, and think you may forget, cc yourself, and the message goes to the "ToDo" folder.