Tips & Tricks: Sneak peak at Real Player 10 for Linux

By now you've seen probably seen the announcement, definitely if you've read the rest of this month's Under the Brim. Helix Player and Real Player for Red Hat Desktop. But when? Later this summer!? You just gotta see it now! All right. We'll give you a taste, but don't let it spoil your dinner.

First, please note that "sneak peek", or "taste" may also mean "beta". In this case is does. In any case, the following has been known to work on at least one Red Hat Desktop and one Fedora Core 2 install.

Go to and grab either the Helix or Real player .rpm.

Which one you ask? Well the Helix Player is the fully open, community based prject on which Real Player is built. It will soon be available under the GPL. If you want to support only free software, and patent free codecs, grab that one. If not, and you want to add some formats, Real Player is the one for you. We ran Helix Player on Fedora, and Real Player on Red Hat Desktop. Your mileage may vary since we are talking about beta code.

Supported formats for Helix include:

  • Theora
  • Vorbis
  • Ogg
  • Basic SMIL 2.0
  • H263
  • RealPix
  • RAM and RPM playlist formats
  • RTSP streaming with RTP
  • HTTP streaming
  • RealText
  • RealEvents

And for Real Player (all of the above plus):

  • RealAudio, RealVideo
  • mp3
  • mp4 audio (AAC unprotected only)
  • Flash 4

Once downloaded run the following as root:
rpm -ivh RealPlayer-*.i586.rpm

And if all goes well, you should have either Helix or Real in Menu > Sound and Video. Click it and play the local files of your choice. You can set associations for Helix or Real by browsing to:
/usr/local/HelixPlayer/ or /usr/local/RealPlayer/realplay

When prompted with an "Open With" dialog from your browser on supported media types, or by adding them in your browsers preferences. For example under Edit > Preferences > Helper Applications in Mozilla.