Tips from RHCEs

Featured Article: Squirrelmail

by Scott McBrien

One of my favorite components of the Red Hat Enterprise distribution is a program called Squirrelmail. As many people are aware, Squirrelmail is a program that offers a full web-based e-mail solution.

Squirrelmail is easy to set up and extremely customizable. The following RPMs need to be installed to get things rolling: httpd, imap, and squirrelmail.

With Squirrelmail, a series of php scripts are executed as CGIs through Apache. These php scripts make an imap connection through localhost to transfer the e-mail and render it into an easy-to-use web interface.

As for customizing Squirrelmail, php scripts can be edited directly, but Squirrelmail also comes with a simple menu-based script. The latter allows for changes to logos, text on different pages, error messages, themes, LDAP-based address books, IMAP server designations, and more.

Further, by including the openssl rpms, users can log in using https, thereby ensuring that username and password information are not crossing the network in plain text.

In a nut shell, Squirrelmail is a valuable, easy-to-use program that should not be overlooked!