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Featured Article: Red Hat Linux 7.3

New to Red Hat Linux 7.3 is the addition of the %include directive to kickstart installs.

%include /path/to/file
Allows you to include the contents of another file at the location of the %include command. The files to be included can be contained in the initial ram disk (initird.img), or created in the %pre stanza, and could be useful for dynamic localization scripts and other such system/service configurations.

Also new to kickstart in 7.3 are:

%packages --resolvedeps
Which attempts to automagically resolve dependencies in your package list, and
%packages --ignoredeps
Which, as you might guess, ignores dependencies in your package list.
part swap --recommended
Will automatically size your swap partition based on the system's RAM. The swap partition will be at least equal and up to twice the amount of RAM on the system.
bootloader --upgrade
Will upgrade your existing bootloader configuration, without creating a new one. (ie if you are using lilo, your lilo config will be upgraded).