Connect Your System to Red Hat Network

To enable your system to receive updates, security alerts and new versions of your software, please connect your system to Red Hat Network (requires direct access to a network to complete).

There are three ways to do this:

  1. from the Main Menu, go to System Tools, then choose "Red Hat Network"
  2. from the command line:
    • Enterprise Linux 5 users run:
      /usr/bin/rhn_register as root.
    • Enterprise Linux 3 and above users run:
      /usr/bin/up2date --register as root.
    • Enterprise Linux 2.1 users run: /usr/sbin/rhn_register as root.
  3. The first time you boot your installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you will be prompted to register with Red Hat Network. If you followed the prompts during the first boot process, you have already competed this step

Important: The step above requires 1) direct network access and 2) a Red Hat login to complete. If you do not have a Red Hat login, you should have an email from Red Hat with instructions on how to create a Red Hat login. Please follow the directions in your email before attempting to complete this registration step. If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer services at

to complete registration and access support.

Connect to Red Hat Network to ensure you receive:

  • updates that keep your systems secure
  • better performance and support
  • automated notification of the latest patches
  • software downloads (ISOs)
  • new tested product versions