Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite Subscription is a self-support option for application development. It includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, High Availability Add-On, Load Balancer Add-On, Resilient Storage Add-On, Scalable File Systems Add-On, High Performance Network Add-On, Extended Update Support Add-on, Smart Management, and Real Time operating system. This subscription is for development purposes only.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription is available at no cost by registering with the Red Hat Developers Program, or can be purchased for $99 (no Developers Program registration required).

Available for all countries.
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The developer tools supplied with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server are supported for 10 years. This level of stability makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux the ideal platform for the development and deployment of apps with a long life cycle. For application development that requires the latest tools and technologies that are updated on a more frequent basis, Red Hat Software Collections and Red Hat Developer Toolset bridge production stability and development agility with tools that are updated annually.

Red Hat Software Collections

Red Hat Software Collections delivers a comprehensive suite of runtime languages and open source databases on a separate life cycle with a more frequent release cadence. That means you can take advantage of new innovations as you build and deploy modern web apps. Deploy the apps you build into production with confidence. Red Hat Software Collections releases are supported for 3 years. You can also use Red Hat Software Collections to develop and deploy apps on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and to the cloud on OpenShift by Red Hat, giving you the ultimate flexibility and choice.

Red Hat Developer Toolset

Red Hat Developer Toolset delivers the latest stable versions of essential development tools to make you more productive and speed deployment times. Red Hat Developer Toolset lets C and C++ developers compile once and deploy to multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Developer Toolset includes the latest stable versions of GCC, Eclipse, GDB, Valgrind, SystemTap, etc.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscriptions are for development purposes only; terms of use for these products are defined in the Red Hat legal agreement for Subscription Services, Appendix 1.

No Red Hat support is provided with this product subscription, self-support is available via the Red Hat Customer Portal.

  • Gain access to frequently updated versions of programming languages (GCC, Java, Python, Node.js, etc.), open source databases (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB), web servers (Apache httpd, Nginx, etc.), and more (Git, Maven, etc.)
  • Speed time to deployment across the enterprise
  • With Developer Toolset, compile once and deploy to multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions for maximum efficiency
  • Simplify application development and increase developer output
  • Support all Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions for greater application portability
  • Get access to the valuable knowledgebase, forums, and updates.

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