Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Workstation - Professional

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Workstation, Professional, includes a Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription plus developer support with a two-business-day response for an unlimited number of incidents. This subscription is for development purposes only.

Available for all countries.
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This provides the important combination of software and support by combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite and developer support with a service-level agreement (SLA) of two-business-days. An unlimited number of incidents is supported.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite provides developers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, built-in languages and tools, and related Red Hat Add-On software for development use. Through the Suite, Red Hat accelerates the delivery of the latest, stable Linux development tools with a more frequent release cadence.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Toolset. The tools in the Red Hat Enterprise Developer Toolset work across Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases, are updated once a year, and contain the latest versions, making it easy to create and support applications. The toolset contains:

  • Compilers, including GNU C and C++. These compilers can be used to generate code for servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5 and 6.
  • Debugging tools, including gdb, the popular GNU Project Debugger, and a number of libraries.
  • Native tool chain support, enabling applications to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems without the need for additional libraries.
  • Languages. Red Hat also provides access to several languages included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, such as gcc, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Objective C, Fortran, and ADA.
  • Additional developer tools. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite includes many popular developer tools, such as SystemTap, OProfile, Valgrind, the LAMP application stack, and Git.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server. Optimized for highly scalable, multicore systems, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server provides a stable application development and production platform. It provides an ideal platform for development and testing.
  • Red Hat Add-Ons. The Suite enables developers to create and test applications using the following: Red Hat High-Availability Add-On, Red Hat Load Balancer Add-On, Red Hat Resilient Storage Add-On, Red Hat Scalable File System Add-On, Red Hat High- Performance Network Add-On, Red Hat Extended Update Support Add-On Smart Management, and Real Time operating system.

This subscription is for development purposes only; terms of use for this product are defined in the Red Hat legal agreement for Subscription Services, Appendix 1.

This product includes Red Hat Developer Support. A description of the Developer Support Scope of Coverage can be found here:

The Service-level Agreement for Developer Support can be found here:

Subscribers can take advantage of development-related online user groups which can be found here: Select the group entitled "RHEL Developer Program".

  • Gain affordable access to frequently updated versions of gcc and other developer tools
  • Speed time to deployment across the enterprise
  • Compile once and deploy to multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions for maximum efficiency
  • Simplify application development and increase developer output
  • Support all Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions for greater application compatibility
  • Get access to the valuable knowledgebase, online user groups, and of course, Red Hat updates.

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