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Top DevOps trends for enterprise architects

As enterprise architects dive deeper into serverless and microservices architectures, the closer they work with their developer and operations teams.
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According to Red Hat's 2022 Global Tech Outlook survey of 1,341 IT decision makers, 67% of respondents are in the transforming, accelerating, or leading stages of digital transformation. The pandemic is the number one catalyst for accelerating digital transformation initiatives for 52% of those in the accelerating stage. Survey respondents also listed IT security, cloud management, cloud infrastructure, IT operations automation, and optimization of legacy IT as top funding priorities. When it comes to overall automation goals, security automation remains the top funding priority from the 2021 survey.

What do all of these technologies and processes have in common? Achieving them wouldn't be possible without DevOps. The wall between IT operations and development continues to fall; as architects dive deeper into serverless and microservices architectures, they need to work more closely with their developer and software engineering teams to help automate routine operational tasks.

A greater understanding of DevOps empowers organizations to think proactively, in addition to productively. As more and more enterprises move away from legacy infrastructures and into the cloud, awareness of the software development lifecycle and its importance in delivering high-quality applications more efficiently, reliably, and quickly has solidified DevOps frameworks within enterprise IT.

DevOps has opened the door for practices like GitOps, innovations in machine learning operations (MLOps) and artificial intelligence operations (AIOps), Kubernetes for development, and DevSecOps. The last few years have brought digital disruption along with proactive business practices such as site reliability engineering and optimizing for better continuous integration and continuous deployment.

In 2021, Enable Architect published a number of DevOps-focused articles, including an illustrated guide to GitOps, integrating GitOps into your enterprise architecture strategy, and the pros and cons of implementation patterns. Although security has always been a fundamental part of designing and maintaining IT architectures, DevSecOps, an extension of DevOps thinking, is becoming a priority in the development lifecycle.

DevOps has improved the way enterprises architect their IT systems, approach automation, and enhance the talent on their teams.

Below, you'll find the top eight DevOps articles Enable Architect published in 2021. If you have stories you'd like to share about how DevOps (or another technology) has helped accelerate digital transformation within your organization, please consider writing about it for Enable Architect.

Top 8 DevOps articles of 2021

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Making security a key part of the development cycle is essential to secure system architectures. Enterprise Architects can solve the DevSecOps equation through this simple model.
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