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Top 10 edge computing articles of 2022

Edge computing is transforming modern life, from communications to manufacturing to space missions and more.
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5G. Kubernetes. Observability. Telco. Endpoint devices. Latency. What do you think of when you think of edge computing? As spending on edge computing takes off and Internet of Things (IoT) devices proliferate, more disciplines enter the edge computing conversation: 6G, threat actors, and even space!

There are many ways to define edge computing, and your understanding of the technology may differ depending on where you sit in the IT organization. But there are a few edge applications that most people know about. For example, edge has opened the door for technologies including 5G and IoT, which have touched people's lives everywhere.

In 2022, Enable Architect published multiple articles on various edge reference architectures and use cases, including 5G, edge device onboarding, and how to manage these devices at scale with Kubernetes. It's impressive to see the evolution of edge technology and hear all the conversations around it as our knowledge expands.

[ Check out Red Hat's Portfolio Architecture Center for a wide variety of reference architectures you can use. ]

What will 2023 bring for edge technology? Maybe 2022 can serve as a glimpse into the future. And if you have something to share from your work, please consider writing about it for Enable Architect in 2023.

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