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Enable Architect Writers' Community

Enable Architect is more than a publication focused on technology architecture. It's a growing community of IT architects, engineers, and technical thought leaders who are passionate about sharing their expertise and spreading their knowledge on a broader scale for the greater good of architecture.

What makes Enable Architect so unique is its cyclical contribution process. Our authors educate our readers, some of whom may be systems architects themselves. Our readers not only learn more about technology architecture, but they can share this information within their own networks. This diverse set of networks comprises a variety of different roles and expertise, as well as potential new site contributors. These contributors may go on to showcase their expertise via articles, speaking engagements, and special architecture-focused workshops. 

To progress through the Enable Architect writers' program means you are helping build the kind of tech community you'd like to be a part of, and this makes others more aware of the impact of architects.

If you'd like more information about contributing to Enable Architect, please see our Article Types and Submission Process page.

Benefits of joining our writers' community

  • Contributors can progress through a program designed to help them become not only published writers but stronger writers through interactive editorial support and other opportunities to showcase their knowledge. 
  • Contributors also have the opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders on a particular architecture-related topic and help build their professional brand.
  • Contributors can take part in a collaborative community and engage in meaningful discourse relevant to technology architecture with peers from different organizations, industries, and various other IT leadership roles.

Writer's program tiers:

Enable Architect writers program diagram

Tier 1: Enable Architect Contributor Club

An Enable Architect contributor is an individual who has published two articles on Enable Architect as the sole author or as a co-author. It is a one-time recognition for your contribution. This is a rewards program. 


  • Editorial support: You'll have exclusive editorial support and coaching to become (and continue to be) the best author you can be.
  • Becoming a community member: You are one step closer to becoming an Enable Architect Navigator and Advisor, where you will become an integral part of designing the architecture of this tech community.
  • Extra incentives:
    • You'll be invited to our contributor mailing list for weekly updates on our latest articles and relevant writing prompt ideas for potential articles.
    • Highlight being an Enable Architect contributor on your resume or in your professional networks to assist you in showcasing your skills, pursuing your career goals, and opening doors for potential book deals.
    • You'll receive dustom swag as part of a one-time recognition for writing your first two articles.

Tier 2: Enable Architect Navigators

The Enable Architect Navigators recognizes individuals who support the community through consistent article contributions. An Enable Architect Navigator is an author or co-author who has written five or more articles in a year.


In your partnership with Enable Architect, you are not only joining a community of your peers, but you are also supporting a platform designed to empower systems architects and inform others about technology architecture. Your membership also enables you to expand your professional networks and inspire the next generation of IT leaders. 

Here are a few of the perks of being an Enable Architect Navigator:

  • Personal branding
    • Position yourself as a technology architecture subject matter expert on a certain technology or architectural tool or concept through consistent contributions to the site.
    • Have a designated platform to publish about developing projects engineered by you and your team.
    • Highlight being an Enable Architect Navigator on your resume and social media.
    • Have your article syndicated weekly via Red Hat newsletters and social media and our biweekly newsletter.
  • Networking
    • Connect with fellow Enable Architect Navigators via monthly meetings and other Enable Architect communication channels to enable "face-to-face" discourse where you can discuss your article ideas and other architecture-relevant topics that you may feel resonate with architect readers.
  • Editorial support
    • Receive writing guidance, including SEO support, throughout the editorial process from our editorial management team, as well as expert copyediting services, to become (and continue to be) the best author you can be.
    • Leverage editorial expertise to update the non-copyrighted articles you have published elsewhere.
    • Receive regular metrics for article contribution and other relevant feedback about your work from the community manager.


Here are some of the activities Enable Architect Navigators do regularly:

  • Publish 5+ articles on Enable Architect in a year.
  • Help encourage colleagues and peers to sign up to contribute to Enable Architect so they can one day, too, become Architect Navigators.
  • Attend monthly content review meetings to discuss trending topics and get feedback from other Enable Architect Navigator authors on new article ideas.

How are Enable Architect Navigators onboarded?

  1. Once you publish five articles in a year, the Enable Architect team invites you to the Enable Architect Navigators program.
  2. Upon acceptance, you receive an email welcoming you to the program and a summary of your article stats from your first article to the fifth.
  3. In addition to a shoutout on LinkedIn (such as, "I'd like to welcome (Jane Doe) to the Enable Architect Navigators"), your current contributions for Enable Architect will be spotlighted.
  4. You will receive a special Enable Architect swag item.

The Fast Track to membership

An Enable Architect Navigator is typically a community member who has published 5 or more articles and wishes to be a steady content writer for the site. 

Every once in a while, a new author will quickly contribute a significant amount of articles. In order to recognize them, there is one other way for members to become eligible for the Navigators called the Fast Track:

  • Publish at least three articles in three months.
  • Advocate for Enable Architect by consistently sharing or resharing content or frequently engaging with Enable Architect content throughout your personal networks.

Fast Track allows motivated authors to quickly become a part of the community and receive additional support from the editorial staff.

Please email if you have any other questions.

Tier 3: Enable Architect Advisor Program

Enable Architect Navigator membership recognizes an author's article contributions, but there are also opportunities to make the most of the program and help others benefit from it outside of writing. 

The Enable Architect Advisor program is a two-tiered, invitation-based program designed for dedicated community members who offer ad hoc, informed insights to the Enable Architect editorial staff. The Advisors help keep Enable Architect true to the scope of enterprise architecture by using their expertise to advise on the content published on the site. 

An Enable Architect Advisor has established themselves as a credible source for certain technical subjects. They are someone who, upon request, acts as a technical reviewer for certain kinds of content and shares their knowledge by publishing at least two articles a year. (We can provide ghostwriting and deep editorial services, if requested.) Enable Architect Advisor membership requirements also include: 

  • Joining the advisor mailing list to receive biweekly email updates, including the latest articles and corresponding social posts to share.
  • Having hands-on experience with systems architecture (but you do not necessarily have to be an architect).
  • Current Enable Architect Navigator or referral to the program.
  • Attend quarterly meetings to discuss publishing topics and site metrics.
  • Voluntarily introduce new authors to Enable Architect by directing them to our email ( or encouraging them to sign up to contribute. 

There are two special groups within the Advisors program: Red Hat Visionaries and Social Ambassadors. Each group helps support Enable Architect similarly but in a manner that enables them to best promote their professional brand. 

Special groups

Red Hat Visionary 

Special designation for advisors that are Red Hatters:

  • Based on their area of expertise, visionaries review submitted articles to ensure the article is accurate and aligned with Red Hat's messaging.
  • Join our advisor-mailing list.
  • Suggest topics to explore on the site during quarterly meetings with other Enable Architect Advisors.
  • Share Enable Architect articles on personal networks using social media posts distributed weekly by the community manager through the Advisor mailing list.
  • Join a Visionary chatroom for informal, asynchronous communications, questions, and advice.

Social Ambassador

This is a special designation for advisors who'd like to take on a more active role as an advocate for Enable Architect and to promote their expertise.

  • Based on their area of expertise, they occasionally review submitted articles for accuracy and relevance to systems architecture.
  • Join our advisor-mailing list.
  • Suggest topics to explore publishing on the site during quarterly meetings with other Enable Architect Advisors.

No matter a Visionary or Ambassador, if you've put in the contributions, you're still an Advisor.

If you should accept this invitation, your name will be added to our Meet the Team page. 

Benefits of the Enable Architect Advisor program 

  • Take on an active stakeholder role for the site 
    • Gain visibility into website metrics and opportunities to brainstorm and discuss article topic ideas to share with Enable Architect Contributor Club members and Enable Architect Navigators to help enhance the site.
  • Networking
    • Join quarterly discussions around new developments in systems architecture and site performance with other Enable Architect Advisors.
    • Participate in executive sit-downs (and potential presentation opportunities) with other industry leaders, including The Enterprisers' C3 Group and the Red Hat Chiefs, on a variety of topics.
  • Personal brand building
    • Your profile on Enable Architect will have a special designation.
    • You will offer your expertise in the development of one, two, or more articles a year. (We can provide ghostwriting and deep editorial services, if requested.) 
    • Red Hatters become ambassadors for their work at Red Hat.
    • Non-Red Hatters can bring fresh perspectives and share their expertise with Red Hatters and others.
  • Extra incentives
    • Opportunities to share work via other Red Hat platforms like Open Source Stories.
    • Chances to lend a hand to special projects (outside of article contributions).
    • Custom swag to recognize your high level of contributions to Enable Architect.

Advisor membership will be reviewed annually on the site's anniversary in September to congratulate current members and invite new members for the following year. 

Enable Architect Advisor program recommend responsibilities

Here are some of the regular activities to expect from participating in the Enable Architect Advisor program:

  • Quarterly discussions to talk about trending topics in systems architecture and to help the community manager suggest good article ideas to potential new authors.
  • You may occasionally be asked to review articles that need further architect expertise or feedback when making publication decisions.
  • You'll be asked to refer people to Enable Architect, as you see fit.
  • Share your favorite Enable Architect articles on your personal social networks.

Additional details

  • Enable Architect Navigator membership is reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Enable Architect Advisor membership is by invitation only and is limited to a certain number of members a year. Membership is reviewed annually.
  • As a Red Hat-supported site, we remain congruent with Red Hat messaging and follow established publishing guidelines. Therefore, we cannot publish everything submitted to us.