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Meet the team

The Enable Architect editorial is supported by staff and a growing number of IT Architects who are sharing their expertise. Article submissions are welcome by any reader that wants to share expertise around system architecture. Read more about contributing here.

Editorial Team

Meet the editorial team.

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Marjorie Freeman

Marjorie is the Associate Editor for Enable Architect. More about me

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Vicki Walker

Vicki Walker is Managing Editor, Digital Communities, for Red Hat. She has more than 15 years of experience in technology publishing for companies including Red Hat,, Dark Reading, SAP, BlackBerry, and Network Computing, for more than 15 years. More about me

Lead contributors

Meet the lead contributors.

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Bob Reselman

Bob Reselman is a nationally known software developer, system architect, industry analyst, and technical writer/journalist. More about me


Meet the advisor team.

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Brian Gracely

Brian Gracely is Sr. Director of Product Strategy in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Platform group. He brings 20+ years of experience (Red Hat, Wikibon, EMC, Virtustream, NetApp, Cisco) in Strategy, Product Management, Systems Engineering, Marketing and M&A. More about me

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E.G. Nadhan

E.G. Nadhan is the Chief Architect and Strategist for North America at Red Hat. More about me

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Mike Calizo

Mike Calizo is an Associate Principal Solution Architect based in New Zealand. His technology focuses are OpenShift, RHEL, Satellite, and Ansible. More about me