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The top 21 enterprise architect articles of 2021

Enable Architect's top articles of the year include diagramming tools, architecture patterns, career growth tips, and more.
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This year was one of tremendous growth for the Enable Architect community. From the site's inception in September 2020 to now, traffic has grown to an average of almost 27,000 page views per month, with a total of nearly 350,000 page views and 15,000 unique visitors for the year.

What makes Enable Architect unique is that it taps into a very niche yet critical subject: enterprise architecture. Architects create highly complex conceptual blueprints that lay the foundation for enterprise structures and operations. Enable Architect exists to connect the community and give architects the knowledge and tools to do their jobs better.

Although our community is small, it's growing quickly. We've welcomed many new contributors from a variety of technical and leadership backgrounds. Also, awareness of our site is growing, thanks to our authors, whose informative articles are being noticed by Google search and shared on LinkedIn, which are the site's primary referral sources of readership.

While the various duties of an IT architect are limitless, the story of their impact is still being told—and no one can tell that story better than a technology architect. That is what makes Enable Architect so valuable; it is a publishing platform built by architects for architects, and its reach is ever-evolving.

In 2022, we will continue to build awareness of Enable Architect, but we will also engage this important group of IT leaders, decision-makers, and professionals in more collaborative ways to support their leadership development. Enable Architect intends to connect with even more subject matter experts, whether they are developers, engineers, or consultants. We will continue providing relevant, engaging, and educational content for all the different categories of enterprise architect, including chief, enterprise, cloud, software, and solutions architects.

In our first year, our readers' most-read topics included articles about APIs, using architecture patterns, the 5G Open HyperCore architecture, exploring diagramming tools, creating an automation strategy for expansion, and TOGAF certification. We want to explore even more topics in our content, and with a subject as vast as enterprise architecture, the options are endless.

Therefore, as you begin to plan for 2022, please consider writing for Enable Architect. Please help us continue to provide the enterprise architecture community with information that empowers them to drive transformation in organizations worldwide.

Top 21 Enterprise Architect articles of 2021

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