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Erik Gfesser

Greater Chicago Area -

Erik Gfesser currently works as Director and Chief Architect at Deloitte. With the "STARS (start-up, turnaround, accelerated growth, realignment, sustaining success) model as a reference, the bulk of his career has been spent on start-up situations, followed by turnaround, with a hybrid of turnaround and accelerated growth as the closest match for his current work at Deloitte. He has tended to wear a lot of hats leading architecture and development, often serving as product owner at the same time, by using his expertise to relate to the work that needs to be performed. And while he is technology agnostic, catering solutions to client needs, he has significant experience implementing open source tooling and technologies. In recent years, Erik has focused on building data-intensive products using a unique blend of accumulated data, software engineering, and practical enterprise architecture expertise. As a creative outlet and side hustle, he writes for his oft-visited technology and business blog "Erik on Software" and enjoys responding to a variety of technology-themed media queries, participating in community discussions, and reviewing books offered by authors and publicists each year. On a personal note, Erik is also a lifelong runner who can be found on Chicago area trails-over-rails running paths if you wake up early enough in the morning.

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