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[Aerogear-dev] Initial TODO app structure and REST endpoints added.

Hi All,

I just pushed the initial structure and endpoints for the TODO application, including place holders for multiple clients types.


It is not "AWESOME" yet.  The endpoints are nearly straight out of Forge, and need some more love, plus working out the JAX-RS marshaling for oneToMany relationships.  We might need to do what tickermonster did and manually reference object ID instead of actually using the object relationships.  

You can build  by running "mvn package", and then either having tools deploy, or manually move over the server and www-client wars to JBoss AS.

Once there you can access the web client by (it is a placeholder until kris adds his love):


RESTful endpoints are :


Note: I'll be removing the "/rest" part soon.

Tag is the only one that is populated atm from the import.sql file because it is the only one without a relationship to other entities.  Although not fully tested full CRUD should be available via the endpoints, however the as mentioned we need to figure out the JAX-RS marshaling.

Kris: I changed "class" in project & tag to "style" - a less client side specific name, and does not conflict with the reserved Java word "Class" in forge.


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