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[Aerogear-dev] Meeting agenda for today

Hi All,

Here is the meeting agenda for the team meeting today - https://github.com/aerogear/collateral/blob/master/mtg-notes/20120703-team-mtg-agenda.md

We just finished it and I'll post some rough minutes.

* M5 
  * Shifting to mid-August 
  * Jay will review jira's for it
  * Qmx will create Controller jira's
  * The focus will be on quickstarts, jboss toy store, and initial impl of controller
  * If JS libs are ready we may have a minor release of that.

* Awestruct Site
   * A priority since we don't want to make changes to current one
   * Will discuss more next week with Kris
   * Asciidoc is a good starting point for our doc efforts
   * Jay will create a version of the road in asciidoc
   * We can start with a beta.aerogear.org repo

* AeroGear Controller
  * As listed in agenda
  * Doug will flush out jira's and remaining tasks

* Client Libs
  * Mostly as written 
  * Bruno will break out security concerns from the JS persistence doc 
Next week will be dedicated to flushing out the roadmap after vacations.  By end of next week we should have a rough milestone break out of functionality - YAY!


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