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[Aerogear-dev] Aerogear + native iOS


I plan to prototype the AFNetworking library for an "Aerogear iOS rest" client;

For now I did setup an almost empty static library project.
The project has a dependency against AFNetworking (using cocoapods for
dependency management).

There is a SIMPLE "AGRestClient", that simply extends the HttpClient
from the AFNetworking project:

Also.... I wrote two damn simple unit/integration tests that issue a
GET and a POST against a locally running JBoss (where the
'jboss-as-kitchensink-html5-mobile' is deployed):

Next: getting a better handle for the AFNetworking API; thinking about
a potential Aerogear (AG) client API...
  Perhaps building a stupid/simple app;

Other libs I have in mind for prototyping is "Restkit"; I used
AFNetworking first, because that one is smaller/simpler.
Oh... a friend works at a shop where they are moving to AFNetworking
(from RestKit) for ALL the iOS client http calls...
(one reason: cleaner, smaller API)
BTW... AFNetworking also has a submodule for CoreData support (not
looked at that)

Right now I am on vacation, so don't expect too much w/in the next weeks... :)


Matthias Wessendorf

blog: http://matthiaswessendorf.wordpress.com/
sessions: http://www.slideshare.net/mwessendorf
twitter: http://twitter.com/mwessendorf

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