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Re: [Aerogear-dev] AeroGear ServerSide Comment for site

On Jul 31, 2012, at 9:40 AM, Pete Muir wrote:

Do you have a staged version of the site?

http://agbeta-qmx.rhcloud.com/ is the working site atm.

On 31 Jul 2012, at 14:05, Jay Balunas wrote:

Here are some thoughts on the server-side resources section on the front page.

* I don't like the term "server-side resources", but not sure what else to call it.

* As for a descriptions, something along the lines of :

"Providing the glue for all of these client libraries into the JBoss ecosystem are the server side hooks, and AeroGear Controller sub-project.  These include extensions into existing projects like RESTEasy, while also providing a new set of services specifically for the client libraries.  At the core of this is the new AeroGear Controller that provides just the right amount of functionality for today HTML5+REST based applications."

This likely needs some word smithing, but covers the important bits I think.  Certainly open to comment or updates...


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