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Re: [Aerogear-dev] kitchensink-cordova

On 31 Jul 2012, at 18:49, Jay Balunas wrote:

> Hi Pete,
> I think have the kitchensink cordova quickstart in as-quickstart works, and I appreciate your working on the tutorial and offering to repackage.
> There are a couple of concerns though, although not major imo.
> * Corodva environment setup and build is not really that quick, do you think it would be confusing to call it a quickstart?
>  * Perhaps it is a good idea to add a note about that in the tutorial - i.e. "that unlike most other quickstarts the cordova quickstart can take ...."
>  * I'm sure there will be ways of making this easier in the future as well.

Agreed, it's not pleasant to set up right now ;-)

We do have a few quickstarts that have similar complex requirements - setting up Postgres - so, I think it's fine to call it a quickstart. I define a quickstart as "showing you how to use one API or one use case" and I think it fits that definition, fine. Just because Cordova is hard to get started with, doesn't mean we aren't showing you the quickest way to get started ;-)

> * Merging
>  * You're talking about repackaging the quickstart into the /aerogear/as-quickstart repo right?
>  * If so it would be merged at the same tiem as the others so that makes it easier

Yes, exactly.

> * Maintenance
>  * As we discussed before there are no plans for major overhaul's on the kitchensink quickstarts - correct?

Nothing that I know of.

>  * We'll have to stay in sync closer to JDF release so that we avoid any patch releases to stay current with bom/pom's
>  * This really goes for all of the quickstarts/archetypes etc...

Yes. As I've mentioned before, jdf releases are now in-step with wfk releases (2 months prior), with a cadence of thrice-yearly. You can see the dates on our roadmap page.

> Thanks again for your assistance here,
> Jay
> On Jul 31, 2012, at 10:42 AM, Pete Muir wrote:
>> For jdf 2.0, I would like to include kitchensink-cordova as a quickstart. WDYT? I'm happy to do the repackage into as-quickstarts.
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