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[Aerogear-dev] AeroGear tagline, mission

Hi All,

I wanted to discuss something around AeroGear and its mission.  We'll need to make this clearer, and be sure to identify and move forward with a strong message.  Bruno, Kris, and I had a good conversation last week about POH5, but this is more focused around AeroGear itself.  

Tag line: 

"Provide the gear you need to get mobile with JBoss"


"Facilitate the development of mobile applications of all kinds with JBoss & JavaEE via examples, education, client libraries (native, Javascript, Hybrid), RAD extensions, and enhanced testing techniques.  The client libraries will effectively extend JavaEE functionality into mobile clients, making it easier to access the benefits, and power JBoss has to offer, while fully embracing the polyglot nature to modern application suites."

Some points that could be clearer:

* Some of these client libraries are not mobile only
* Many examples/approaches show traditional as well as mobile clients, and how to do both effectively
* Is polyglot just thrown on at the end?  Want to be sure to mention multiple language support
* Imo, AeroGear main deliverable is the client libraries, and any server-side integration that they require - agree? 

wdyt?  What should be changed?

We should do the same for POH5, really nail down the core meaning.  Anyone want to take a stab at that?  Bruno - you had some thoughts here - want to take a shot?


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