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Re: running legacy apps compiled for 7.2 & 7.3 in x86-64

Mike A. Harris wrote:
GinGin64 is not an alpha nor a beta product, but rather it is a
technology preview which essentially is an unsupported port of
Red Hat Linux 9 to AMD64 along with a number of specific updates
and fixes for AMD64.

Any chances of a supported port of RHL-9 to the Opteron?

This technology preview is not an official Red Hat supported
release, but allows customers to be able to evaluate the AMD64
architecture using a technology preview of many of the various
technologies which will be officially released for AMD64 in Red
Hat Enterprise Linux later this fall.

Any plans for a non RHEL version at all?

Can anyone answer the original question?
Given that GinGin64 is unsupported, how likely, and what are the steps, to run EDA tools developed for RHL7.x on it?


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