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ASUS K8V BIOS problem

This isn't Linux specific at all, but ASUS Tech Support is non-existant so I'm hoping someone might have seen this before...

I have an ASUS K8V with Athlon64 3000 CPU and a 512MB DIMM (one that's listed in the K8V manual as being approved).

The problem is the BIOS never attempts to boot from any device (DVD, IDE disk, or floppy). I never seen any activity light on any boot device.

It also almost never goes into BIOS setup mode when I hit <DEL>. After the BIOS startup screen showing config info, it goes to the RAID initialization screen, then the screen clears and I get absolutely nothing. The monitor is getting a video signal still, but the screen is blank. Sometimes I can hit <DEL> at this point and I'll get "Entering Setup ...", but nothing happens.

If I hit <DEL> during the initial BIOS "booting" screen I can see it say "Entering Setup ..." mixed in with the normal BIOS boot messages, but it still just goes to the "on, but blank screen" mode.

Twice I was able to hit <F8> to get the BIOS boot menu.

Once I was actually able to get into BIOS SETUP. That was the first time I powered on after building the system.

I've replaced the K8V and the replacement has the same problem.

Anybody seen anything like this?


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